Pechay Plant: Cultivating, Caring, and Harvesting Tips

Pechay plant. This plant is very popular in Asian countries especially in the Philippines. It is widely being cultivated because it is very easy to grow. Know what is pechay plant. Pechay Definiton What is pechay definition? Pechay is called bokchoy, pakchoi, Chinese white cabbage snow cabbage, or petsay in tagalog. Its scientific name is … Read more

Is Pechay an Herb?

The answer is yes, pechay is an herb. Pechay is small perenial herb. It has a green small to medium size round leaves. It has a smaller black seeds. It takes around 30 days to grow. How Can you tell that Pechay is an Herb? In general use, herbs are those plants with aromatic or … Read more

Is Pechay Easy to Grow?

Is pechay easy to grow? The answer is yes pechay is easy to grow. The pechay takes about 30 days to grow. After 4 to 5 weeks, the pechay can now be harvested as the vegetable is mature enough and already attain its standard. The pechay is one of the most fastest vegetable to grow. … Read more

Where to Buy Pechay Seeds?

Where to Buy Pechay Seeds Somebody asks, “where to buy pechay seeds?” There are many establishments where you can buy pechay seeds. An establishment that are authorized in selling and distributing seeds to their customers. Most of them are well known not only in one country but worldwide. In buying pechay seeds, everyone wants the … Read more

How to Water Pechay?

More people are searching for the term how to water pechay. They are trying to know the right amount of water to apply to this vegetable. Knowing how much water does pechay needs will give some guidance in the proper system. Water is essential to all kinds of plants. It is the lifeblood of every … Read more

Pechay Life Cycle: Fascinating From Seed to Harvest

Plants have common characteristics especially when it comes to the life cycle. Some of them have seeds, and when they compare to each other, they have the same process as the pechay, which has a life cycle that takes only a few days or weeks to see ultimately. The life cycle of the pechay starts … Read more

Pechay Garden: Making your first one

Gardening is an art. Many different kinds of plants and vegetables can be used in gardening. Some of them are capable of the climate the place has. Doing gardening is best, like making your first pechay garden. Well, pechay is a kind of vegetable and also a herb. It grows 30 cm in height. Its … Read more

How to Care for Pechay?

How to Care for Pechay? One, two, three, and here are the things you can do to care pechay. Gardening is a process of growing any plants, whether vegetables, flowers, trees, or any other types of plants; this article talks about caring for pechay vegetables. If you already know this vegetable, there are some essential … Read more

How to Transplant Pechay?

How to Transplant Pechay Growing pechay is easy, but it needs some step-by-step procedure to do it. And one of those steps is how to transplant pechay. Transplanting is a process in gardening in which the seeds are being grown first on the seedbox or seedbed, and then after a few days or weeks, the … Read more

Pechay: 7 Reasons Why You Should Grow

Pechay is a kind of vegetable that grows well in the Philippines. Sometimes this vegetable is called bokchoy, Chinese cabbage, or petsay in Tagalog. This vegetable has characteristics that you will love most. Probably this vegetable is the fastest to grow as you can start harvesting pechay in more or less 30 days. I think … Read more