Pechay Plant: How popular it is?

Pechay Plant The pechay plant is one of the vegetables growing in the Philippines. This vegetable is easy to grow. It takes less time to grow, around 30-45 days. Another thing it also has many best recipes like tilapia with pechay recipe. But our topic today is. How popular is pechay plant? Estimated about more … Read more

What is Pechay in English?

Do you wonder what is pechay in English? Well, that question will be answered right here right now. So, what is it? The pechay in English is known as snow cabbage, Chinese chard, or Chinese white cabbage. The scientific name of pechay is Brassica rapa. The pechay vegetable is also known as bokchoy, bok choy, … Read more

What is Pechay Characteristics?

So, what is pechay characteristics. The pechay characteristics are it has a green leafy leaves with around 5 to 9 cm long. It has a few smooth white stalk. It has a many small smooth round black seeds. It has a beautiful yellow flower and has a white to brown roots. The Pechay Leaves Characteristics … Read more

How to Plant Pechay

Today, learn how to plant pechay. Pechay is a well-known vegetable in the Philippines. Many people are growing this plant because it grows fast and is very easy to handle. Planting pechay vegetables is easy but here you can know the process of how to do it especially if you are new to gardening. It … Read more