Growing Potatoes In Wood Chips

Potatoes can be grown in wood chips, which serve as a mulch to suppress weeds and retain moisture. Wood chips also provide a natural habitat for beneficial insects and microorganisms. Preparing the Area A. Choosing the locationWhen growing potatoes in wood chips, it’s important to choose an area that receives at least six hours of … Read more

Pollinating Butternut Squash

Pollination is a crucial process in the reproduction of plants. It involves the transfer of pollen from the male reproductive organ to the female reproductive organ, resulting in the formation of seeds. Butternut squash, a popular variety of winter squash, also relies on pollination for seed formation and fruit production. Know the pollination process of … Read more

What Animals Eat Tomatoes At Night?

Tomatoes are a popular choice for many gardeners, but did you know that they are also a popular food source for a variety of animals at night? From marsupials to rodents, a number of animals will raid gardens and eat tomatoes, especially when they are overripe or have fallen from the vine. Here is a … Read more

Are Peppers Self-Pollinating?

Self-pollination is a type of pollination in which the pollen from a plant’s anthers fertilizes its own stigma, without the need for external pollinators such as insects or wind. This process can occur naturally, or it can be artificially induced through methods such as hand-pollination. In self-pollination, the offspring are genetically similar to the parent … Read more

Do Deer Eat Tomatoes Off The Vine?

Deer are known to be voracious eaters and can cause significant damage to gardens and crops, including tomatoes. Tomatoes, being a delicious and nutritious food source, are particularly attractive to deer and can be easily eaten off the vine if proper precautions are not taken. Know the factors that contribute to deer eating tomatoes, as … Read more

Do Raccoons Eat Tomatoes?

Raccoons are omnivorous mammals that are native to North America. They are known for their distinctive bandit-like mask and their opportunistic feeding habits, which means they will eat a wide variety of foods depending on what is available. Tomatoes are a common garden crop that many people grow for their delicious flavor and versatility in … Read more

Do Squirrels Eat Cherry Tomatoes?

Squirrels are a common sight in many areas, and are known for their agility and playful behavior. They are omnivores and their diet can vary depending on the season and location. Squirrels typically eat a variety of foods such as seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, and insects. They also occasionally eat small insects, worms and even … Read more

Banana Peppers Turning Red

Banana peppers are typically about 4-5 inches long and have a slightly curved shape that resembles a banana. They are usually bright yellow or green when unripe, but they can turn red when they are fully ripe. They have a mild flavor with a slight sweetness and a very mild level of heat. Banana Peppers … Read more

Why Are My Female Pumpkin Flowers Dying?

Pumpkin plants are a common garden staple, known for their large, orange fruits that are often used in a variety of culinary dishes and Halloween decorations. However, some gardeners may experience a problem with their female pumpkin flowers dying before they have a chance to develop into fruit. This can be a frustrating and disappointing … Read more