Why Are Cauliflower Leaves Turning Yellow?

Cauliflowers can take about 50 to 100 days to grow and harvest but there are a few problems that you may encounter sometimes like the yellowing of leaves. When cauliflowers have a lot of yellow leaves they will not grow healthy and cauliflowers might not grow well. What are the causes why this happens? Cauliflower … Read more

Why Are Cantaloupe Leaves Turning Yellow?

Cantaloupes are great to grow in the garden and it will take a few months and you will be able to harvest cantaloupes. But one problem that you may encounter is the yellowing of cantaloupe leaves which can lead to plants’ poor growth and lead less harvest. What are the causes why cantaloupe leaves yellowing? … Read more

Why Are Brussels Sprout Leaves Turning Yellow?

Brussels sprouts are great to grow in the garden. They are delicious to eat and some people start making their first garden and they plant brussels sprouts. But in some cases, brussels sprout leaves may turn yellow. When the leaves are yellow it will affect the plant’s growth so there will be less harvest. Brussels … Read more

Why Are Broccoli Leaves Turning Yellow?

There are many people who enjoy growing broccoli in their gardens. But when the leaves of broccoli turn yellow it will not be good as it can affect the plant growth. Leaves are working to help the plant grows healthy by converting sunlight into food. So when their leaves are yellowing broccoli will not be … Read more

Why Are Beet Leaves Turning Yellow?

Beets or beetroots are great to add to your garden and they are growing underground. But sometimes beet plants get yellow leaves because of some reason. Why do beet leaves turn yellow? Beet Leaves Turning Yellow Watering Problems Overwatering Overwatering can cause yellow leaves on the beet. The beet cannot handle too much water and … Read more

Why Are Arugula Leaves Turning Yellow?

Arugula is a green leafy vegetable and it will be frustrating when the leaves become yellow. Arugula is delicious to consume when they are fresh and green but when the leaves are yellowing it’s not good to eat. What are some causes why arugula leaves turn yellow? Arugula Leaves Turning Yellow Watering Problems Overwatering Overwatering … Read more

Why Are Artichoke Leaves Turning Yellow?

Artichokes are great to grow and it doesn’t get yellow leaves most of the time. But there are chances that may also get yellow leaves while you are growing and waiting for them to mature. What are some causes that can make the leaves of artichoke yellow? Artichoke Leaves Turning Yellow Watering Problems Overwatering Overwatering … Read more

How To Keep Off Ants On Okra Plant?

There’s a way to keep ants off your okra plants. While there are a few different methods you can use, we recommend using a combination of methods to keep those pesky ants away. Why Are Ants Attracted to Okra Plants? You may be wondering why ants are attracted to your okra plants. After all, they’re … Read more

Are Eggplants Self Pollinating?

If you’re a fan of eggplant, you’re probably also familiar with the fact that they’re part of the nightshade family—and that includes tomatoes and peppers. So what does this mean for the eggplant? It means that the flower structure is identical in all three plants. What does that mean? Well, it means that if your … Read more

How Long From Eggplant Flower To Fruit?

eggplant flower to fruit

Eggplant flowers are a beautiful sight, and they’re also one way to determine if your eggplant is pollinated and ready to bear fruit. The flower of this vegetable plant begins as a single bud at the top of the plant, which then grows into a flower with five to eight petals. Once you’ve seen your … Read more