How to Transplant Pechay?

How to transplant pechay

How to Transplant Pechay

Growing pechay is easy, but it needs some step-by-step procedure to do it. And one of those steps is how to transplant pechay.

Transplanting is a process in gardening in which the seeds are being grown first on the seedbox or seedbed, and then after a few days or weeks, the seedlings are being transplanted to their final and designated location. Well, this process applies to this pechay vegetable.

Basic Requirements in Transplanting Pechay

  1. Water
  2. Trowel or Bolo
  3. Pechay Seedlings
  4. Small Container

Start growing the pechay seeds on a seedbox or seedbed. After those days, around 8 to 12 days, you can start transplanting those seedlings. Do it late in the afternoon because it is the best time for transplanting; here is the answer to how to transplant pechay.

1. Prepare the neccessary tools

The first step is to prepare the tools needed. It is very easy because only a few tools are required in transplanting. Get a trowel or bolo, water to make it easy to cultivate, a small container to put the seedlings, and any other tools that will help you.

2. Go to the seedbed

Next is to go to the seedbed where the pechay seedlings are planted. Commonly it is in the house’s backyard, so it is effortless to go. Use proper and no damage tools to be easy to do. Gather the tools with you, and we will start the process.

3. Watering the seedlings

The next thing is when you are in the location, what you need to do is water it first. The water will make the soil moist, and it will make the soil to be easy to cultivate. Apply adequate water to help the seedlings easily cultivate and remove away from the soil.

4. Slowly cultivate the soil

When the soil is already moist, the next step is to get your bolo or trowel and slowly start cultivating or uplifting the soil. Make a deep cultivate so that you will prevent cutting the roots. Do it slowly to avoid the seedlings being damaged. Hold and get the soil with pechay seedlings on it. Then put those seedlings on a container you prepare. Make more set, and everything is perfect.

5. Start planting the seedlings

Now that you have already gotten those seedlings, the next step is planting the seedlings. On the plot that you will plant the pechay, use the bolo or trowel and make around 2 to the 3-inch deep hole about 6 to 8 inches apart. Then, on one hole, plant one seedling. Make more holes with the same measure and plant more seedlings.

6. Watering

After you plant those seedlings, you need to water them. Apply a small amount of water to each pechay seedling, and it will grow better. Continue watering it every day, and it will be fine.

7. Putting some fence

Now that the seedlings are already planted, you need to protect them from the animals that may destroy them. Some chickens, ducks, dogs, or other animals might cultivate or scratch the ground, and the seedlings might be damaged. So it is also essential to have some fences around the garden. If there are no animals in the location, everything will be okay.

Here’s the summary

  1. Get the tools.
  2. Go to the seedbed.
  3. Water the pechay seedlings.
  4. Cultivate the soil slowly.
  5. Plant the seedlings with 2-3 inches deep with 6-8 inches apart.
  6. Water the seedlings.
  7. Putting some fence.

It is excellent to know how to translate pechay seedlings.