Pechay Garden: Making your first one

Pechay Garden

Gardening is an art. Many different kinds of plants and vegetables can be used in gardening. Some of them are capable of the climate the place has. Doing gardening is best, like making your first pechay garden.

Well, pechay is a kind of vegetable and also a herb. It grows 30 cm in height. Its leaves are color green. The seeds of it are too small and color black. The roots of it are small and short. The stalk is white and a little bit crunchy. That is short information about pechay, but you will know about building your pechay garden.

Requirements in Creating Pechay Garden

  1. Grab hoe
  2. Rake
  3. Sprinkler
  4. Trowel or Bolo
  5. Seedbox or Seedbed
  6. Pechay seeds
  7. Sunlight
  8. Water
  9. Fertilizer

Create it in simple steps with some information all about. Here are the steps in creating a simple pechay garden.

1. Creating a pechay gardens plot.

The first thing is creating the garden’s plot. Different measurements can be applied on the length, width, and high. Whether it is big or small, it will depend upon the area you have.

The place where the pechay garden will be created should receive sunlight. It is not good if the place doesn’t receive a good amount of sunlight. Sunlight is the leading food of almost all plants, and when the plants don’t receive the sunlight it needs, it will produce yellowish leaves. So pick a good place for planting.

Get some tools to use. In making a plot, tools like grab hoe, rake, and bolo help prepare the soil. These tools are helpful, for example, the grub hoe for cultivating the soil, the rake for leveling and cleaning the soil, and the bolo for removing some grasses or roots of the plants. You also need to remove those rocks and other things not required in gardening.

2. Germinating pechay seeds.

The second step is germinating the pechay seeds. A seedbed or seedbox is recommended for germinating the seeds. Using that, the seedlings will grow better

Make a seedbed or seedbox. On a seedbed, it is like a small plot with prepared soil. While if seedbox is used, it needs to be strong and put soil inside, and it will be fine. The sprinkle the pechay seeds around. Make some distance so that they will not be crowded in one area. Cover it with some amount of soil. Then slowly apply water to it.

After three days, the seeds will start germinating. Care for it for some days so that it will not be damaged. Some animals might damage and destroy them, so monitor those animals.

3. Transplanting of pechay seedlings.

After more or less 2-3 weeks, transplanting can now be done. Usually, this week the seedlings have three to four leaves which are best for transplanting. Some tools are needed in this step.

Trowel, sprinkler, container, and water are the tools that will help you. Apply water first on the soil to soften, and it will be easy to remove the seedlings. After five minutes, start cultivating the soil. Do it slowly so that the roots will not be cut and the leaves will not be broken. When the seedlings are removed from the soil, please put them on a container or any gardening materials that will help. Gathering more, it will be okay.

Go to the gardens plot and get those removed seedlings to be transplanted. On the garden’s plot, make a hole on the soil around two to three inches deep. Then, put one pechay seedling in one spot. Make another hole with the same measure but put a distance of 6-10 inches apart. Make more holes and plant one seedling per hole. After you do it, water them.

4. Watering it everyday.

To grow well your pechay garden, you need to apply some adequate water per plant. Around 200-300 mL of water is required per plant. This amount of water will help the plants to grow well.

Aside from that, when the plants get adequate water, they will grow better and healthier. The leaves will become bigger and rounder. And will more bunches of vegetables.

5. Applying fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer is perfect for this kind of plant. It is organic and has no chemical content, and your pechay garden will be environmentally friendly.

You can decay some grasses, leaves, and other matters and put them on the soil as your fertilizer.

6. Putting some fence.

There are cases that animals go to our garden, so it is also essential to protect animals. Fencing will help your pechay garden to stand out and will become stronger.

7. Harvesting.

Usually, it takes 30 days before you can start harvesting pechay. The leaves and the stalk are completely mature enough. And it will taste better at this age.

Thank you for reading this article about pechay gardens.