How to Water Pechay?

How to Water Pechay

More people are searching for the term how to water pechay. They are trying to know the right amount of water to apply to this vegetable. Knowing how much water does pechay needs will give some guidance in the proper system.

Water is essential to all kinds of plants. It is the lifeblood of every plant. Without water, the plants cannot live better. But when the application of water is wrong, there will be negative effects to the plants and here’s how to water pechay vegetables.

Use Sprinkler

The sprinkler is a kind of gardening tool that is used for watering. It can hold an adequate amount of water. Using this tool can help you make it easier to water pechay vegetables. A group of vegetables can reach easily because this can hold much water inside and finish the work in less time.

Using sprinklers will make it faster to apply water on vegetables every day. Do the task early in the morning and give 300ml on a young to mature plant in the afternoon. It will help for bigger size leaves.

Use Deeper and Pail

When there are no tools, you can use deeper and pail. Gather water and put it inside the bucket. Then use the deeper and use your hand to guide the water. The hand will prevent the high pressure of the water preventing it from damaged and broken.

Use Water Hose

If you have enough budget, you can buy a water hose. The water hose has a pressure that can reach a longer distance. It is easy to use and can help you build and care for your garden. The garden will grow better if care is being applied.

Use Cans

This material shows how creative you are. You can use cans to water your vegetables. Get some cans and make a hole under them. How is it done? Well, get a can, nail, and hammer. Using nails and hammers, make holes under. Then you can use it now to care for your pechay vegetable garden.

How Much Water Does Pechay Need?

The pechay needs an average of 300ml of water per plant. This amount of water will help the plants to grow well. Less water will be applied to those small plants and continues adding water as it grows bigger.

For example, for those seedlings, you need to apply at least 50-100ml of water to prevent it from drying. And then for a younger vegetable, it needs at least 100-200ml of water.

What will happen if the pechay doesn’t get adequate water?

When the pechay doesn’t get adequate water, its leaves will turn yellow. The vegetable also will not grow better as it is lacking out of water. When there is a lack of water, the leaves are smaller and withered.

The stalk also is smaller and not growing well. Also, when it doesn’t get what it needs, it will not grow as what you’ve expected. So it would help if you put some effort, time, and energy into accomplishing the best task.

Can rainwater be use?

Rainwater can be used. It will also help the pechay to grow better. This can help the whole vegetable to be stronger and better.

What if there are days forgot to water the pechay?

It will affect the growth of it, and for example, you forgot to do it for three days. If the weather for that three days is sunny, the whole plant might be affected. But it is good if even you don’t water it, but it rains the plants will be excellent if the case.

Some tips:

Use bolo and trowel to cultivate the soil. When you cultivate the soil, the water can pass easily and the oxygen can also go downward.

Use more giant-size sprinklers or pails to get a maximum amount.

Apply mulch as it will serve as shade on the soil. It will help to stay moisturize the soil and will be a good effect on the plants.

Thank you for reading this article about how to water pechay.