Pechay Life Cycle: Fascinating From Seed to Harvest

Pechay Life Cycle

Plants have common characteristics especially when it comes to the life cycle. Some of them have seeds, and when they compare to each other, they have the same process as the pechay, which has a life cycle that takes only a few days or weeks to see ultimately.

The life cycle of the pechay starts from seeds. From seeds is begun to germinate and form into seedlings. The pechay seedlings will continue to grow and develop into young vegetables. Then, after that, it will turn into a mature vegetable. When it has more complex leaves and stalks, it will now start producing flowers and produce seeds. After that, it will turn yellow and then brown and dry.

The pechay life cycle has its unique appearance and characteristics. To know more information per stages of the life cycle, how it is done, and what happens, here are the eight pechay life cycles.

1. Seeds.

The seeds are the first stage of the life cycle of pechay vegetables. The seeds are color black, very small, smooth, and odorless.

2. Germinating.

When the seeds are planted on the soil, they will start germinating. The seeds will sprout some roots and show up some tiny leaves. Germinating takes about three to five days.

3. Seedlings.

The next cycle is a seedling stage. It has an age of 2-3 weeks old. During this stage, the pechay is in the form of the seedling. The seedling has now produced more small roots and three or more leaves. The leaves of the seedlings are small, green, and soft. It also has smaller stalks.

4. Young vegetable.

The next pechay life cycle is young vegetables. This has an age of 3-4 weeks old. The leaves are now more significant, and the stalk has become more challenging. The roots of it continue to sprout and become longer.

5. Mature vegetable.

The next cycle is in the form of mature vegetables. This has an age of 4-6 weeks old. During this time, the vegetable attains mature bigger leaves and harder stalk. This time, the vegetables can now be harvested. It is the best time because it’s already 30 days old. Pechay can be harvested when it is already 30 days old.

6. Flowering.

The pechay will start producing flowers around 6-7 weeks. During this time, the yellow, beautiful and smooth flowers will show up. The flower will go upward and is located in the center of the plant.

7. Seed producing.

The pechay flowers will turn into seeds around 7-8 weeks. During this time, you will see some seeds on it, and they can be used again for planting. It is how pechay seeds are produced. From flowers, it forms into seeds.

8. Drying of plants.

After 8-12 weeks, the plants turn yellow-brown and dry. During this time, the pechay has its last cycle.

Thank you for reading this article about pechay life cycle.