Is Pechay an Herb?

Is Pechay an Herb

The answer is yes, pechay is an herb. Pechay is small perenial herb. It has a green small to medium size round leaves. It has a smaller black seeds. It takes around 30 days to grow.

How Can you tell that Pechay is an Herb?

In general use, herbs are those plants with aromatic or savory properties which are being use for flavoring or garnishing foods. Sometimes it is also being used in medicinal purposes or for making fragrances.

In culinary, herbs are generally refers to the green leafy or flowering parts of the plants. Which distinguishes to spicies which are usually dried and produce from other parts of the plant like fruits, roots, bark and seeds.

Herbs can also be grown in small size land area. You can grow it in containers, beds and boarders. They are small and do not grow high. And herbs are easy to grow.

Pechay is classified as an herb. Pechay is small size plant. It doesn’t grow high. As I said a while ago herbs are refering to those green leafy and flowering, which pechay plant actually have. This plant is green leafy vegetable. When you see it with your eyes, almost 70% of its parts are leaves and 30% are stalk. Also it has a flower. It blooms a yellow flower after a few weeks of growing. So pechay is an herb.

How can you tell that a pechay is not a shrub

Shrubs are distinguished from trees by their characteristics. They have multiple stems and are shorter in height. Shrubs are usually 6 meters tall and have branches rise from a single base. So basically it is like a tree but a smaller one.

Shrubs are also woody plant. This means that their parts are hard and not soft. Unlike herbs, herbs have a soft parts. They are easily to break and strong winds might damage them. Compare to shrubs, shrubs are stronger and hard. Even strong winds blown them, they can still stand alone. They can grow from 6 to 10 meters (20 to 33 feet) tall. There are also smaller which grow less than 2m (6.6 ft) tall.

So, is pechay a shrub? Well, the answer is no, pechay is not a shrub. Pechay have a smooth and soft body parts. The leaves of it is soft and it has no branches. It grows a few cm and doesn’t grow high like the tree. It has no woody parts and the whole parts are soft. Even the roots of it are so small.

Pechay cannot be classified as a shrub. It is so far to be a shrub. This plant is treated as a vegetable of most people because most of them like the recipe of it. This is being cooked and have many recipes to choose from.

Thank you for reading this article about is pechay an herb. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.