How to Care for Pechay?

How to Care for Pechay

How to Care for Pechay? One, two, three, and here are the things you can do to care pechay. Gardening is a process of growing any plants, whether vegetables, flowers, trees, or any other types of plants; this article talks about caring for pechay vegetables.

If you already know this vegetable, there are some essential things to do to grow better. It needs some care that probably everyone already knows. If you are new to gardening well, you need to know some basic but easy steps in growing pechay. Here are the answers on how to care for pechay.

1. Water it everyday

The pechay needs more water. It would help if you had some tools to do it. You can use a sprinkler in water to hold more water inside. Or you can also use pale and dipper in watering. Or make an alternative tool or use recycled material to help you in watering pechay vegetables.

In watering this plant, you need to do it in the morning and the afternoon. In the morning, do it as early as you can, like 6-7 a.m., as the sun doesn’t shine so brightly.

And the water will go down, and its roots will sip the water. The water will go to every part of the plants, growing better. It is one of the ways pechay care.

2. Apply fertilizer

All plants need nutrients to grow well. It is on the kind of soil they have why they grow better. But what if it is poor soil. Meaning there are no nutrients on the soil, and it causes poor growth. If this is the case, you need to apply fertilizer.

There are many kinds of fertilizer out there. But we recommended using organic and chemical-free fertilizer. We recommended using organic fertilizer.

This kind of fertilizer is made of organic matter such as leaves, grasses, leftover foods, animal manure, and many other matters. This fertilizer is suitable for pechay, making the vegetable grow better.

To do this, you need to make a compost pit. Make a meter deep hole on the soil, then gather organic matters. And put it inside the hole and cover the top with soil. After a few weeks, the fertilizer can now be applied.

There are many tutorials out there on the web, but as soon as possible, we will make a tutorial just for all of you and publish it soon here on our site.

How to apply organic fertilizer? To use the fertilizer, you need to put it on the put of the vegetable. A little bit amount is good. It doesn’t hurt the plants as it is organic and purely organic.

3. Cultivate the soil around the pechay

Cultivating is another way how to care for pechay. Cultivating the soil helps the plant to get oxygen. Yes, even they are plants, they also need oxygen to live. When the soil is cultivated, the air or oxygen can go to the roots of the plants.

If you try to observe gardeners, they usually cultivate the soil around the plants, which has better growth. Their leaves are bigger, the flowers are better, and the whole plants are stronger. Cultivating the soil have many good benefits for the plants.

It would help if you had some tools for cultivating. You can use a trowel, bolo, or stick to do it.

4. Remove growing grasses around pechay

Grasses are the main enemy of almost all plants. They get the nutrients on the soil causes the plants to have poor growth.

When the grasses grow beside the plants, the roots of the grasses get the nutrients away from the plants. The plants will get some nutrients, but 50% of the nutrients. So it will not grow as is expected.

You need to remove those grasses. There are many kinds of grasses. Some of them are small, and some are bigger. Don’t let the grass grow in your pechay garden as it will harm the plants. Make your garden free from grass, and it will be better.

5. Sunlight is important

Sunlight is the main food of the pechay. Before planting it in its final and designated place, it should be considered that the sunlight hits the place. The sunlight will help the plants to produce more and bigger green leafy leaves.

It will also make the whole plant bigger and stronger. It needs at least 4 hours of a direct hit of sunlight. When the plants don’t get the sunlight in need, they will produce yellowish leaves. So it needs to be planted in a better place where the sun will shine.

6. Apply pesticides if needed

There are cases that there are roaming pests in the garden. These pests destroy and damage every part of the plant. We don’t want it to happen. If many pests live on the plants, you need to apply if necessary.

There are many pesticides there, and you need to pick the best one. The agriculture market or establishment sells those quality pesticides that will surely help you with these problems.

There are also organic pesticides and many tutorials on how to make them, but currently, we are just researching and just starting to write about it, and soon we will publish it here on our site. It is another way of caring for pechay.

7. Fencing will help

There are cases that animals are roaming around in our garden. They might destroy our plants, and we didn’t want it to happen. So putting a fence around our garden will help.

Depending on how small or big your garden is, you can put a fence. You can put barb wire or bamboos around or anything else. Also, you can tie your animals so that they will not go to your garden again.

Thank you for reading this article about how to care for pechay.