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Where to Buy Pechay Seeds?

Where to Buy Pechay Seeds

Where to Buy Pechay Seeds

Somebody ask “where to buy pechay seeds?” There are many establishment where you can buy pechay seeds. Establishment that are authorize in selling and distributing seeds to their customers. Most of them are well known not only in one country but world wide.

In buying pechay seeds, everyone wants the quality. Quality seeds have the high percentage of germinating. No one wants poor seeds. When you get those quality seeds, you can assure that they will germinate and grow in a better way. And to do that you need to look for the best place to buy those seeds, so. Here are the answer to the question where to buy pechay seeds.

Agriculture Store

An agriculture store or agrivet or agricenter is an agriculturally oriented shop where they are selling agriculture related products such as gardening tools, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, feeds and also seeds.

A businessman or a cooperative can run an agriculture store. In that store you can buy high quality pechay seeds. A pack of pechay seeds may cost around $1 to $3. A pack may contain around 50-200 pieces of pechay seeds.

This is a good place to buy because they are selling high quality products and you can buy related tools that may help you in building your pechay garden. Some cultivating, digging, watering and other tools can buy from them.

Ramgo Seeds

Ramgo International Corporation was established in 1966 by Ramon A. Ong a well know Filipino farmers who always look for a reliable source of high quality seeds at a reliable cost. Because of that reason he established the corporation that will help mostly the Filipinos in getting plant seeds. The Corporation is also providing fertilizers, plant protection, organic fertilizers, garden supplies and packed seeds.

On this corporation you can buy high quality pechay seeds. You will be satisfied on their product and you can expect a high percentage of germination. A side from that you can buy some tools from them that will help you in germinating the seeds. You need some pots or plastick bags if you want to grow pechay in urban places.

Create a beautiful garden using the seeds coming from them. Buy packed of seeds and then start growing them. An average of $1-$3 per pack with 50-200 seeds may you get at affordable price.

The gift farm is also an online store which you can buy also pechay seeds. They sell many different varieties of seeds and you can buy per pack which have lots of seeds.

It is better if you buy more packs and you can get discount. Also you will not regret if you buy from them as they provide high quality seeds which can help you to create a beautiful garden.

The gift farm have many offices in the Philippines as listed below;

Davao City:

  • Davao City Head Office
  • Malagos Farm, Malagos Calinan, Davao City
  • Victoria Plaza Mall, Davao City
  • Abreeza Mall, Davao City


  • Quezon City Branch


Amazon is an international online store. They are high authorize store and selling of millions of products across the globe. They provide the quality product for every customers. You can also buy pechay seeds from amazon.

There are people or business selling quality seeds which you can buy in affordable price. Also you can buy some tools which can help you to organize your seeds or buy tools that may help you in growing your garden.

You can buy groups of tools or groups of seeds and receive some discount from them. The products that you will get are high quality and be happy as we deserve.


Ebay Inc. is an American multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California that provides high quality products. You can buy from them high quality seeds which is best for planting. From them you can buy pechay seeds in pack.

You can pay through paypal or any available payment option. When you buy seeds from them, you can choose what kind of seeds and also how many packs. They will provide high quality products which what the customers deserve.

You can buy pechay seeds from ebay which can cost around $1-$5 and will add some shipping fee. The products may arrive based on how far your location is. Be happy as your seeds arrive.


Lazada is also an international e-commerce company that provides high quality and affordable products. In lazada they are selling many different products including seeds.

You can buy pechay seeds in lazada at affordable price. You will be satisfied as the product they are selling are high quality and provides the best product. Buy seeds and be happy. Buy other items that may help you in building out your entire garden.


Shopee is also an online store which provides quality products. You can buy gardening tools and equipment which are high standard and you will be satisfied of what product they are selling.You can buy pechay seeds at shopee at affordable price. When the seeds arrive, you can see how quality they are and you can use it to grow bigger your garden.

Also you may see some other seeds from them and you can buy also some of them.

Thank you for reading this article about where to buy pechay seeds. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope it’s answer your question and hope you learn something coming from us even as little as posssible. Thank you and good day.