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Pechay: 7 Reasons Why You Should Grow



Pechay is a kind of vegetable that grows well in the Philippines. Sometimes this vegetable is being called as bokchoy, Chinese cabbage or petsay in tagalog.

This vegetable has a characteristics that you will love most. Probably this vegetable is the most fastest to grow. As you can start harvesting pechay in more or less 30 days. I think there is no other vegetable that you can harvest in just a month. Meanwhile here are;

Reasons why you should grow pechay:

1. It is easy to grow

Well the pechay is easy to grow. This vegetable needs around 30 days before you can start harvesting.

A side from that it is easy to care pechay. You need to water it twice daily and you can a sure a great pechay to produce. Also you need to understand and always know that this vegetable needs more sunlight. You need to grow this vegetable on a place where it can get around atleast 6 hours of direct sunlight. This is to a sure that it will get the foods it needs to grow bigger.

When it comes to nutrients on the soil, you can use organic fertilizer. This kind of fertilizer is best and you can save money when you use it. Also you need to cultivate the soil around the plant so that the oxygen it needs will goes to the roots and it will help in small ways.

And because when you grow it, you will not feel tiredness as it is very easy to handle and to grow. So try to grow this vegetable plant.

2. It gives food for the family

Another reason why you should grow pechay is because it will gives food for the family. Well almost all vegetable can be a source of food. They grow and produce either leaves, fruits or root crops that can be eaten of human being.

In this case, this vegetable gives some foods to eat. Almost all parts of this vegetable can be eaten except for the roots. All other upper parts can be, like stalk and leaves. This taste good and surely you will be happy if you eat this.

When you have a pechay garden at home, surely the family will be benefited. They can harvest vegetable as soon as it can be possible. So it will be good if you will grow this plant.

3. Growing vegetable is enjoyable

If you love gardening, well this will be more enjoyable. For some gardeners out there, gardening makes them happy. There are many reasons why, but this is what makes them happy.

Some reasons are they love to touch the soil. Well for some people this looks like dirty, have dust, or many other things, but for a gardener this is so fun. It is very enjoyable to do. When they touch the soil, they have some great feeling that no words can explain.

Another thing is when the plant is just started to germinate they feel more happy. Because some seeds of the plant doesn’t grow especially to those hard to grow plants. When they see some of those seeds started to produce leaves and roots, they are very happy.

Also after many weeks or months of growing, when their vegetables or plants started to produce some fruits its very heart felt. All of those effort of them is worth it. They plant, water it, apply fertilizer, removing some weeds and other things just to make a better vegetables is so much helpful.

After all, at the end of the day, you will start harvesting the sweetness of gardening.

4. Become source of some profit

Well if you have a bigger enough garden you can grow more vegetables. Some of those can consume by the family and some of those vegetables can be sold in the market.

This vegetable is delicious to eat. Some people mix it with tilapia with coconut milk. They love to eat that kind of recipe. The sweetness of the coconut milk plus the protein inside the tilapia and the vitamins and minerals on the vegetable is so much amazing.

Well you can sell some of those pechay you grow and gain some profit coming from it. It is easy to grow and you can maximize it.

Also if you have a huge an wide garden. You need some workers to work on you because you cannot handle a bigger size garden. In this case, you can help them also to get some income coming from you. Both of you will earn some money.

5. Makes people healthy

Another good thing on this vegetable is it makes people healthy. Well this vegetable can be considered as green leafy vegetable because most of its parts are leaves so we can considered that.

A green leafy vegetable has many vitamins and minerals that help people to have a stronger and healthier body. So if you eat more vegetable you can a sure that you will be healthy in some way.

A side from that when you grow this vegetable, you will feel relax. Well if your hobby is planting then it will be good for you. You will be stress free. Yeah, that is good for our health.

Also being happy is the key for a longer life.

6. Makes environment cleaner

Another thing why you should grow pechay is it makes environment cleaner. In what way? Well this vegetable produces oxygen. This makes a cleaner air. A fresh and cool air.

When you have many vegetables growing in your garden, it will produces more oxygen. The oxygen is what people needs. We need it to stay healthy and makes our body stronger. If we always inhale a clean air, then we can prevent from diseases in our respiratory system.

Another thing, when you see the pattern of this vegetable when grow, it has a beautiful appearance. You can see the proportion of the vegetable to each other in which they are the same level and height.

When we see beautiful environment we can feel a good vibes. We can feel stress free and cool. Also if you grow this vegetable in a container well that will be good. You recycle material and makes our environment clean and an eco-friendly community.

7. Creates a beautiful environment

As a continuation, this vegetable makes our environment beautiful. Well when there are many tires out there. And you started using it in gardening it will make our surroundings beautiful.

You can make some arts using those materials and you can save some money in using it. Also you can use some bottles of water and cut it into half. This way you can use both half in planting. You can put some soil inside and then grow the vegetable inside.

There are many other things like cans which can be really helpful. Also some old shoes, socks, clothes or any other things can be use. It will depends on how creativity you are.

Make a beautiful garden using your creative minds.

Requirements in growing pechay

a. Sunlight

The very important thing in growing pechay is the sunlight. Well sunlight is the main source of food of this vegetable. You need to look for a place where there is abundant source of sunlight. Atleast 4 hours of direct sunlight will be good.

b. Water

Another thing is water. Well water is a life blood of every plants. Without water plants cannot live. They need water that will supply nutrients to every parts of the plant. Water is a mineral so it is very important.

c. Fertilizer

Also this vegetable needs some nutrients that will supply the nutrients on almost all parts of the plant. You need to apply fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is our recommended. Why? Because it is no chemical content and you can save money if you use it.

Gardening tools you can use in growing pechay

a. Grab hoe

Well you need to make a gardens plot so you can use grab hoe. A grab hoe is a friendly tool that helps you to easily cultivate and form your plot. This tool as a sharp blade on the edge and has a handle. Use it to make a clean and better plot.

b. Rake

Well this tool will also help you in leveling and making a beautiful plot. It will help you to remove some unwanted materials like rocks and other materials. This tool is like a fork but the blades are curved. It has also a long handle which you can easily hold.

c. Trowel

In transplanting your plants, you need some hand tools that easily to use. Well trowel is one of it. This is small tool that has a handle and sharp blade like a shovel that will surely help you.

d. Seed tray

A seed tray is where you germinate first the seeds and then transplant after. In growing pechay, you need this tool to help you maximize the growth of the seedlings. When the seeds germinate, you can easily identify which seedlings are good and which are not.

e. Sprinkler

This tool helps you in watering. This has a handle and opening portion on the other side. You can use this to grow well your plants.

This vegetable is also a very popular plant in the school. Well in school there are school garden. Usually this vegetable is commonly planted because it is super easy to grow and takes a month before you can started harvesting it.

Also the benefits you can get from it is amazing so let us start growing pechay.

Thank you for reading this article about pechay. Hope it’s answers your question and hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you for your time and effort in spending your time with us. Hope you have a good day and hope you will comeback soon.