Is Pechay Easy to Grow?

Is Pechay Easy to Grow

Is pechay easy to grow?

The answer is yes pechay is easy to grow. The pechay takes about 30 days to grow. After 4 to 5 weeks, the pechay can now be harvested as the vegetable is mature enough and already attain its standard.

The pechay is one of the most fastest vegetable to grow. As I said a while ago it takes 30 days to grow. Other vegetables like eggplant, tomato, squash, okra are ranging from 60 to 180 days before you can harvest.

But even pechay is easy to grow, there are other factors needed to do. It will not attain its full growth without the help of this factors. Some of them are sunlight, water and fertilizer. Without them the plants will not grow faster. It is also on the gardener on how he/she will take care of the plants. And here are some ways on how to grow pechay easily.

How to Grow Pechay Faster

Pick the Best Place

The very first thing to do is to pick the best place. Well picking the best place should focus on two major factor. One is on the sunlight. When the place doesn’t get the sunlight it needed, obviously it is not a good place for planting.

Plants need sunlight as it is there main food. Without food they will not grow better and healthier. So you need to consider that the place should get and hit by sunlight. If you see and you know that the place are getting sunlight then we can say that you pick the best place. Another thing is one the kind of soil it have.

The soil will affect the growth of the pechay. Pechay can grow in loam soil and sand soil. But it will not grow better on clay soil and mud soil. So you need to observe better and notice what the soil you have in your location. But when you are good in those two factors then it you are in a good place.

Use the best gardening tools

Gardening with the use of your hand is good but gardening with the help of gardening tools is better. To make it easier to grow pechay, you need some tools that may guide and help you.

Grab hoe – this tool is use for cultivating the soil. Using this tool, you can make your gardens plot. The plot is where you plant your vegetable and to make it higher you need to use grab hoe. Also you can use it to remove grasses on the soil.

Sprinkler – this tool is use for watering. Well it will help you to water your pechay in a short period of time. It can hold much water so it will takes lesser time to water all your vegetables. Also you can use it for applying fertilizer as some of them are mix on the water and apply to the vegetables.

Trowel – this tool is use for transplanting and cultivating the soil. Well when you are just starting your garden this tool will help you in transplanting more seedlings on the plot.

Apply fertilizer

Fertilizer makes the soil fertilize. The fertilizer helps the plants to grow bigger and better. With the help of it the leaves and stalk of the pechay will become bigger and rounder.

There are two types of fertilizer. The organic and inorganic fertilizer. You can use inorganic fertilizer but we recommended to use the organic ones as it is no chemical and eco-friendly. You can also save money when you use organic fertilizer.

Make the right watering system

Another way to grow pechay easily, is make the right watering system. Well it is just the way you water the pechay. You need to apply water consistently as it needs more water.

Water it everyday early in the morning and also in the afternoon. Apply 100ml of water for smaller plant. 200ml for medium size plant. And 300ml of average size plant. This amount of water is good and definitely will help the plant.

In watering the pechay, you can use sprinkler, watering hose, pail and deeper and also some recycled material like cans.

Thank you for reading this article about is pechay easy to grow. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.