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Why Are Mango Leaves Turning Brown?

The reasons why are mango leaves turning brown is because of little water, salt on soil, pests like mites, thrips, mealybugs and scales, diseases like anthracnose, verticillum wilt, powdery mildew and red rust or algae spot. Those are the possible reasons why your mango tree leaves are turning brown. Growing mangoes is not easy. There […]

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What Is Leaf Venation Of Mango?

Vegetables, trees, herbs and other plants have its parts that help them to grow well. It functions and work to help the plant grow bigger and stronger. Some of its parts are roots, bark, branches, flowers, fruits and leaves. Those parts have their own characteristics. Just like the leaves of mango tree which is a […]

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Uses Of Mango Tree

The mango tree produces sweet and delicious fruits. People love eating mangoes whether it is green or ripe. The green mango fruits can be eaten raw, even if they taste sour but it is still delicious to eat. The ripe ones taste so sweet. There are other awesome things about the tree. What are those […]

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