How Long Does It Take For A Mango Tree To Grow And Bear Fruit?

how long does it take for a mango tree to grow and bear fruit

Mango Tree (Mangifera indica) produces fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamin like vitamin c helps to improve and make a strong immune system which is good to prevent getting sick quickly. So growing this tree at home is great so that when it started to produce fruits, you can have many mangoes on your table. But it takes time before it fruits.

How Long Does It Take For A Mango Tree To Grow And Bear Fruit?

A mango tree grown from seed takes about 5 to 8 years to grow and bear fruit while the grafted mango tree takes around 3 to 5 years.

Growing mango tree from seed takes a little bit time to grow before it bloom and give you fruits. Its because the seed of the mango takes a little bit time to germinate. The seeds are taking around 2 to 4 weeks to sprout which makes a slow growing process compare to buying a grow tree.

The roots will grow and the main stem will show up after weeks of waiting. Then the small mango plant will continues to grow. The young plant can be grow inside the pot or maybe directly on the soil. Either of the two ways is great and needs to be nourish.

During the first year of growing mango, the young plant needs to be watered regularly. Its because water will help the young plant to be establish. Making it establish helps to make it stronger and make the roots grow and spread.

Watering them every two to three days is fine. Improving the soil by adding fertilizer will help the tree to thrive well. Compost fertilizer and some other organic one is great. Then after it reaches its maturity stage it will start to produce flowers and it will turn into fruits.

How Long Does It Take For Grafted Mango Tree To Bear Fruit?

The grafted mango trees produce fruits around three to five years of growing. They can bear fruit earlier compare to trees grown from seeds. Growing mango trees using grafting method is a great way of growing the tree. Its connecting young sapling and old branch of old tree. This method really works well and there are many cases that it bear more fruits compare to standard tree.

The advantage of growing mango tree from grafting is it can lessen the time you need to wait before you can see the first fruits on your tree. Waiting for your tree to bear fruit is worthit even it takes longer but, if there are ways to make it available as soon as possible then grafting method is great to use. There are many nursery that also use this method to grow mangoes. Its easy to follow and many tutorials available that can be seen. You can also buy some grafted mango trees and then grow it at your home.

Another great thing about growing grafted mango tree, there is a chance that its more disease and pest resistant. Its more stronger compare to mango trees grom from seeds. When the tree have no diseases and pests it will grow and thrive well. The production of mango fruits will be higher if that happen. Growers can eat mangoes with their family or maybe sell it at the market to earn some extra money.

Is 5 Years Too Long?

Five years is just right for the mango to produce fruits. If you are going to wait for the time its really worthit to wait. Days, weeks, months and years will pass by and one day you will see your mango tree started producing more flowers and lots of fruits. There is no tree that you grow on day one and on day two it already produce fruits. There are fruit trees also that produces fruits around five years old.

It takes some time because young trees doesn’t have the capability yet to bear fruits. They are still young and needs to develop their parts like roots, leaves, branches and barks. They are still growing and developing. Once they are mature enough, flowers and fruits will comes one day. Inorder to help them grow better you need to give them what they needs like the water, fertilizer, disease and pest control and sunlight. If the mango tree gets those things it will grow bigger and faster and bear fruits. Knowing how long does it take for a mango tree to grow and bear fruit will beginners some idea on how long to wait.

When Does Mango Tree Flower?

The mango tree flowers between December and April when the grown tree from seed reaches five to eight years old. During those months the flowers will show up. There are many flowers and they are growing on the branches beside the leaves. They are beautiful seeing near or even in far area. The tree is already mature and develop that is why the flowers show off.

During the flowering stage some of its flower drop. Its normal to see some of those fall from the tree. Not all flowers will develop and only few of them will grow and turn in fruits. It takes around 100 to 150 days from flowers to fruit. Another thing is not all fruits will stay and some of them also will drop.

The tree usually blooms before the summer season. The flowers are getting ready and after a while they are develop and form into fruits. The mangoes are usually available during the summer season. There will be more fruits to be pick during the those month. Knowing how long does it take for a mango tree to grow and bear fruit is a great thing.

How Fast Do Mango Trees Grow?

The mango tree grows as fast as five to eight years before it produce fruits. Its a little bit slow for the tree to bear fruits compare to vegetables but its normal. Vegetables take a few months like 2 to 4 months before they are being harvested while trees take years. Trees have a hard stem or bark and it takes some time to develop while vegetables has softer parts which makes it easy for them to grow faster until fruiting and harvesting. Vegetables and fruit trees are different.

What Are The Things To Do So That Mango Trees Will Produce Lots of Fruit?

There are many things that you can do to help your mango trees to produce lots of fruits and wait for shorter time. Sunlight is very important to every plants, vegetables, trees and etc. You need to make sure that your tree receives enough light coming from the sun. Its needed so that the tree can produce its food. More food will make it grow faster, bigger and leading to produce more flowers and fruits.

Watering is also important. The water helps the mango tree to stay cool and refresh. The young mango tree needs regular watering for its first year of growth to help them established and watering them every two to three days is great. And the older trees are rarely being water because they can retain water much longer compare to small tree and watering them can be once every week or every two weeks but they need to be water during those hot and drought days.

Nutrients is also important to help the leaves stay green and prevent yellowing. Also when the soil is abundant with nutrients it will help the tree to produce more flowers and fruits. Keep the soil in a good condition and you will see the yields after. Controlling pests and diseases is also a factor. When there is no tree problem, it will not be stress and everything will be fine.

Those are some few informations about how long does it take for a mango tree to grow and bear fruit. Its normal for the mango tree to take some time before it produces fruits. Its around five to eight years if you grow the from the seed or maybe three to five years for grafted mango tree.