How Tall Do Mango Trees Grow?

how tall do mango trees grow

Mango tree is a great tree which bear sweet and delicious fruits. This tree is growing tall and bigger. It grows more longer branches. On the branches are the spots where the flowers and fruits grow so its great to see that your tree has many branches. What is mango tree height?

How Tall Do Mango Trees Grow?

The standard mango trees grow around 49 to 98 feet (15 to 30 in meters) tall while the dwarf mango trees are growing around 2 to 4 meters (6.6 to 13 feet).

Standard mango trees are growing bigger and taller. Its normal for them to grow in that height. Since they are taller, their canopy is also wide. Branches are growing long and there are many leaves also grow which makes a bigger size shade under the tree.

Dwarf mango trees are usually small. They are growing few meters tall. Its normal for dwarf varieties of tree to grow in that height. Some growers prefer to grow dwarf mangoes because they are small and they can place it indoors.

Standard Mango Tree Height

The standard mango trees grow around 15 to 30 meters. They are growing big and thrive well in the tropical countries. The sunlight really helps the tree to achieve that size and also the water and nutrients. There are many countries growing mangoes and there are lots of big trees that are being grown. When those trees started to bear fruits, people consume them while other fruits are being sell at the market or exported to other countries.

The standard mango trees are growing really big. Their trunk grows bigger as times goes by. Also these varieties of mango tree can live up to 300 years. Some of those older mango trees can still bloom and bear fruits. People can enjoy lots of mangoes for a long run.

Why Do Standard Mango Trees Grow Tall?

Well they are growing so tall because it is their nature. They are growing on that height also with the help of other matters like water, sunlight, nutrients and good health condition. When the tree receives what its needed it will grow faster and taller. The branches will be wider and more leaves, flowers and fruits will be produce. Making it healthy for its early stage will also help to increase its height in the years to come.

There standard height will not change. There are many varieties of mangoes and if you grow standard mangoes then it will grow taller but if you get dwarf one then it will be shorter. There are also some factors that might affect its height like the weather, location, topography and humidity of a place. These tree likes a tropical climate and it will grow well under the sun. Having a big tree can also create more oxygen which is good for the people and animals.

How To Keep Mango Trees Tall?

To keep your mango trees tall you need to make sure that the tree receive enough sunlight everyday. Sunlight is the major food of the mango trees and even most of the plants, trees and vegetables. When it gets the right amount of sunlight atleast 6 hours then it will grows taller. The sunlight will be process through the photosynthesis and will be consume by the tree. Also when there are some objects that blocks the sunlight, you need to remove them. Growing young mangoes should be on an open area where it will gets more light.

Water will also helps the mango tree tall. Water is also needed by the mango tree to grow and thrive. Its important to stay cool and fresh. The water makes the leaves more green and it makes the fruit sweet and juicy. When there is enough supply of water, the mango tree will grow in a good shape. Young mango tree should be water regularly around once every two to three days to help them establish but if there is a lot of rainfall then watering should be stop.

Nutrients also play an important role to the tree height. Growing the tree on the soil with lots of nutrients will make the tree grows faster and taller. They need them to make their trunk and branches harder and stronger. Usually a soil with abundant of nutrients is color black but if there is a little nutrients on your area you can improve it by adding one. Compost fertilizer and some organic matters will help. Knowing how tall do mango trees grow gives new grower an idea on what to do.

Advantage Of Tall Mango Trees

There are some advantages of having tall mango trees. If your tree grows tall and big, it will produce more fruits, why? Its because when the tree is big and tall, more branches will also grow. On the branches the fruits grow and more branches means more spots where the flowers and fruits might grow. The tree might produce lots of fruits and it will be a good harvest when the season comes. Growers of the mango tree will be happy.

Tall mango tree can produce more oxygen. If the tree is tall and big, then more leaves will also grow. The trees produce lots of oxygen which is needed by the animals and human. It helps to make clean and fresh air. Its so relaxing when it has a good quality air to breath.

Having a bigger and taller size tree makes also bigger size shade. The tree will grows a little bit size canopy and the shade under the tree will also big. People goes under the tree to relax and picnic. The sunlight is block by the mango leaves. Also if the tree bears fruit, they can pick some and enjoy eating it while they are relaxing under the mango tree.

How Tall Do Dwarf Mango Trees Grow?

The dwarf mango trees are growing around 2-4 meters (6.6 to 13 feet). It is the small size mango trees. There are many varieties of dwarf mango trees that you can grow at home. You can plant it on the ground or maybe inside the pot or container.

The dwarf mango trees are great to grow because they are small and when the harvest time came its very easy to get the fruit. Another thing is when there are some disease or pest that attack your tree, you can easily find it out because the tree is just short.

Spraying with some pesticides or fungicides on the tree to control those things will be just easy because of the current height of the tree.

Another thing is when the weather is too hot and you wants to place your dwarf mango tree indoor to protect from the sun, its possible because its portable and can be move anywhere else anytime especially when the tree is planted inside the pot or container. That is how tall do dwarf mango trees get.

Can You Keep A Mango Tree Small?

Yes, you can keep a standard mango tree small by doing some pruning. When you do pruning you cut some of its branches which makes the tree shorter. The mid stem is the main reason why your tree grows tall, so you need to cut these one and leave those branches on the side. When you do that it will makes the tree small. Pruning can makes the tree a little bit shorter of around few meters.

But if you really want a small type of mango tree then you should go with dwarf mangoes. There are many dwarf varieties that you can grow on your area. The tree loves sunlight so you need to place it where it will gets more sun. You can pant dwarf mangoes on the ground or inside the pot. Make sure that the pot you have is a little bit bigger where there is enough space for the tree to grow and spread.

Some people really likes to grow small trees. Its because its very easy to move. When there is a bad weather, small trees can be easily place indoor to protect them. Or if the weather is good they can place them outside to receive sunlight or maybe some rainfall. Its great knowing how tall do mango trees grow and how to keep them small.

Advantage Of Short Mango Trees?

When you have a short mango trees, picking fruits is easier. The fruits on the small trees is reachable and can be pick by hands. Its harder to pick for those taller and bigger size tree because the fruits are higher and you need to climb or use some materials to get those fruits. Also if the fruits fall from higher altitude it might be damage compare to lower one. Its helpful when the tree is just small.

Controlling pests is easier. Monitoring small trees is easier because you can see those pests faster. The tree is small and the leaves, branches are just low and you can identify those pests. You can remove them by bare hands or use some pesticides to get rid of them. The tree will be safe and it will grow longer when it stays healthy.

Protect from storm. Strong storm can damage the tree. If you have small mango tree grown inside the pots, you can protect them by placing indoors. Strong winds can break and damage the tree branches and leaves. Protecting them is possible if your mango tree is just small.

Those are some informations about how tall do mango trees grow. The standard tree grows around 15 to 30 meters while the dwarf tree grows around 2-4 meters tall.