Which Is The Sweetest Mango In The World? Carabao Mango

sweetest mango in the world

Mangoes are delicious to eat. They are sour when raw but still great to eat. You can eat green mangoes with some salt to taste. Also the ripe fruits are sweet. Yellow fruits are awesome to eat. There are many varieties of mango in the world. Some countries produce tons of mango per year. But which fruit is the sweetest and where it is from?

Sweetest Mango In The World

The sweetest mango in the world is called Carabao Mango from the Philippines. It is also called Philippine mango or Manila mango. It was declared the sweetest mangoes in the world by the Guinness World Records in 1995. It is located in the costal region of Zambales, Philippines. This region is well known for its carabao mango varieties. The Carabao mango derived its name from carabao a Filipino breed of water buffalo.

Aside from Zambales region, Guimaras also produces lots of sweet mangoes. There are many people visiting that place just to eat those fruits. Its lovely to consume them because its sweet and nutritious. Mangoes contains various vitamins and mineral.

Vitamin c helps the body. It makes the immune system to be stronger to prevent getting sick easily. So there are many benefits of eating mango fruits. Aside from they are nutritious and delicious, they are also profitable.

People who grows mango tree can earn some money from growing mango. When the tree started to bear fruits, some of the fruits can be consume and some of them also can be sell at the market. There are many people likes to eat mangoes and the demand of it is high.

They want to eat because of its benefits and also its very relaxing and refreshing. Juice from ripe fruit sometimes coming out which is yummy to taste. Its very enjoyable to eat. And that is why they buy more mango fruits from the market. More people who buys fruit more earning will goes to the grower.

Growing mango tree is not an easy task. They started to grow it and they are just small tree. As years pass by, the tree continues to grow. Growers nourish them by watering to help them establish, apply some fertilizers to improve the soil and spray to prevent and control pests and diseases.

Doing those things will make the tree healthy leading to abundant harvest in the future. Waiting them to fruit takes around 5 to 8 years before fruiting. Then when the harvest season came, there will be more fruits to be consume or sell at the market. Knowing which is the sweetest mango in the world is great.

Aside from mango fruit, growers also sell sapling or seedling. There are people prefers to buy grown mango sapling to be grown at their house. Growing mango from seed is great but starting from sapling will be faster. Less years will be waited because the plant is already have some leaves and major stem.

What Country Produces The Sweetest Mango?

The country that produces the sweetest mango in the world is the Philippines. That mango is called carabao mango. The Philippines has a tropical climate which what mango tree prefers. The country is suitable to grow mangoes. The trees like more sunlight in order to produce its food. Also it helps the fruit to be sweeter and juicy.

Sunlight is very important for the tree to grow bigger and taller. They need the sunlight to produce foods through the process of photosynthesis. During that process, the sunlight is converted to sugar which what the tree is consume. Aside from sunlight it also need water and nutrients for a healthy growth.

Whether you already eat carabao mango or not, still its very enjoyable to eat mango fruits even its a different variety. Some people make new dishes with the use of mango. There are people make some cake and their ingredient is mango fruit. Also some desserts and other great dish will make people happy.

Some manufacturers also use mango to make fruit juices. They collect lots of mango and then process to the factories. When those fruits are process they will become juices which is placed inside a bottle or a can. Some people also likes drinking juices to refresh and stays cool during the summer season.

Those are some informations about which is the sweetest mango in the world. That mango is called Carabao mango. Other term for that is Philippine or Manila mango. Growing mango tree is fun and stress reliever. Its very enjoying to grow trees and eventually bear fruits in the near future.