How Much Space Does A Mango Tree Need?

how much does a mango tree need

Space is needed when you are growing plants, vegetables or trees. Sometimes when there is no enough space for planting, people use pots and container for growing them. But bigger size trees needed a little bit big space so that they can grow and spread their roots and branches. Trees cannot grow well when the place where they are planted is too narrow. Also some trees that bear fruits like mango tree needs that space so that more flowers and fruits will grow.

How Much Space Does A Mango Tree Need?

The standard mango tree needs around 25-30 feet (7.6 to 9 meters) spacing, while the dwarf and semi dwarf mango trees need 12-15 feet (3.7 to 4.6 meters).

There are many varieties of mango that grow in many countries. Some of them are really growing big around 48 to 100 feet tall. When mango trees are growing tall, they are also growing big because their roots are growing longer and their branches are spreading. Small spacing will affect their growth because the space is limited for the roots and branches for growth. So having a space is very important especially when growing mango trees.

Standard Mango Trees

The standard mango trees are growing bigger and taller. They need around 25-30 feet (7.6-9 meters) spacing. The roots of standard mango trees are growing bigger and longer. It can conflict with other near trees so you need to put some enough distance when growing the tree. Doing that it makes the tree freely to grow.

Branches are growing longer as times goes by. On the first few years, they are just short but as years pass by they are growing bigger and longer. They need space to spread them. The same with the roots, when the tree is planted too close to other trees their roots might be crowded. They will fight for the water and nutrients on the soil.

Another thing about the standard mango trees, spacing is needed because it can damage some structures. Sidewalk might be damage when the tree is planted so close. The roots are growing bigger after a few years. They are spreading so to prevent that to happen you need to plant the mango tree a little bit far from sidewalk or any other structures. In that way you will have no problem in the years to come. Knowing how much space does a mango tree need will give new growers an idea on the good distance.

Dwarf And Semi Dwarf Mango Trees

Smaller mango trees like dwarf and semi-dwarf needs spacing around 12-15 feet (3.7-4.6 in meters). These varieties are way smaller compare to standard one. Because they are small the space requirements will also be smaller. Its perfect for home growers that likes smaller size trees to grow in their home.

There are growers who are growing dwarf mango trees inside the pot. These trees are growing aroun 2-4 meters (6.7 to 13 feet). They are really small and some of them can be grown indoors. Its great to grow especially in urban places where the land space is very limited. In that way people can still enjoy growing mango trees and harvest fruits when the season comes.

Another thing about the smaller size mango tree is their roots are not growing so big. It will not damage structures compare to standard tree. The roots of dwarf tree is not so invasive. Its great when the tree is not causing any problems to the near structures. So growing dwarf mango tree is a good choice.

Can Mango Tree Be Planted Near House?

Standard mango trees should not be planted near the house. They need to be planted around 7.6 to 9 meters (25 to 30 feet) from the house. They are growing big and tall and their branches might goes to close to the windows and also their roots might damage some parts of the house. Spacing is needed when growing mangoes especially the standard one.

While the dwarf mango trees can be planted near the house. They are growing small around 2 to 4 meters and it will not be a problem when the tree is a little bit close to the house. Some growers plant it inside the pot and place indoors. The branches and roots of this kind of tree is not so big and a small spacing will be enough for the tree. But when it grows bigger their canopy will also begins to widen and pruning is a good solution.

Growing mango trees near the house is a good idea. When the trees started to bear fruits you can easily go to the tree and harvest them. Also the seeing the tree can be a stress reliever. People who grows tree will be happy when their tree started to show some flowers and eventually turns into fruits. It will makes people happy. Its important to have an idea about how much space does a mango tree need so that there will be no problem in the upcoming years.

Why Spacing Is Important For Mango Tree?

There are many reasons why spacing is needed for the mango tree. For example when there are insect pests that attack a particular tree the tree might prevent on getting those pests when there is enough spacing. Its not great when there are pests damaging your tree. If those things attack your tree the flowers, leaves, branches and fruits might be affected. Spraying with pesticides or insecticides will help to control them and prevent further damage.

Another reason why to put space is it might damage structures. Houses, buildings, sidewalk and other establishments might be affected when the tree continues to grow bigger. Their roots might destroy and damage some part of the buildings. Their bigger branches might damage windows. But if there is enough distance between the tree and those establishments, then there will be no problem to worry about.

Spacing also will gives a room to grow there branches. When the branches are growing longer and bigger then leaves, flowers and fruits will be healthy. Trees that grown to close to other tree will be crowded and they can’t grow and thrive well. Spacing will help to have more flowers to the tree. Those flowers will turn into fruits after a few weeks and pick those fruits during the harvest season.

Those are some informations about how much space does a mango tree need. It needs around 25-30 feet for standard tree and 12-15 feet for dwarf varieties. Having some mango planting distance will give the tree a room to grow. It will makes the tree to grow bigger and better.