How Big Do Guava Trees Get?

how big do guava trees get

Guava trees are a popular fruit-bearing tree that is native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world. These trees are known for their delicious fruit, which is often used in a variety of culinary dishes and beverages. The size of a guava tree can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the type of … Read more

Guava Tree Transplant Shock: How To Prevent It From Happening?

guava tree transplant shock

Growing guava trees are enjoyable because it can give you delicious fruits. But there are times that its challenging to grow guava trees because of transplant shock. Transplant shock happens when you move the tree to a new place. What are the ways to prevent this from happening? Symptoms of shock in guava trees. If … Read more

Something To Know About Guava Flower

guava flower

There are many parts of the guava tree just like the flower. The flowers of guava trees are very important so that fruits will be produced. When the tree starts to produce fruits it will be more exciting especially if you are growing this kind of fruit tree. But what is some information related to … Read more

How Many Guavas Per Tree?

How many guavas per tree? When you start growing a particular fruit tree, sometimes you will wonder how many fruits you will get from a tree. With those estimations, you will be more excited once the tree starts blooming and fruiting. Growing a fruit tree is sometimes not easy. There are challenges you will face … Read more

Are Guava Trees Evergreen?

Are guava trees evergreen? Many kinds of evergreen trees are growing in this world. Some of them are fruit-bearing trees, and some are not. It’s great if the trees produce fruits because people can eat and enjoy them. Fruits are delicious and rich in vitamins and minerals, good for our health, just like the fruits … Read more

Guava Tree Care: Making The Tree Grow Better

In order for the guava tree to grow well, you need to know how to care for guava tree. In that way, the tree will maximize its full potential for growth. Problems can be avoided if the tree is well nourished. Lots of flowers and fruits will grow on the tree and you can enjoy … Read more

Guava Tree Temperature Tolerance

Knowing what is guava tree temperature tolerance will gives people an idea if the tree is possible to grow in their specific location. There are many places where guava trees can be grown but some locations are not suitable because of the climate. Some places have no winter season and some are have. Usually the … Read more

Why Guava Leaves Turning Yellow?

There are many factors why guava tree leaves turning yellow. It is not good seeing that some of the green leaves turn yellow especially when there is a lot. It can be control by caring for the tree or use so me treatment if there is something that causing for it to happen. Yellow leaves … Read more

Why Guava Leaves Curling?

There are many reasons why guava leaves curling. Curl leaves can affects guava tree’s growth. Few affected leaves is fine but if there are lots of leaves that have curl it’s not a good sign for the tree. An immediate treatment is needed to stop the problem. Analyzing the tree and figure out what is … Read more