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How To Care For Guava Tree?

how to care for guava tree

In order for the guava tree to grow well, you need to know on how to care for guava tree. In that way the tree will maximize its full potential of growth. Problems can be avoided if the tree is well nourish. Lots of flowers and fruits will grow on the tree and you can enjoy picking it during the harvest season. A healthy guava tree is the key for it to happen.

How To Care For Guava Tree?

Avoid Over Watering

There are some problems that might happen if you over water guava tree. Water is important for the tree to grow well but excessive water is not good for the tree. The guava leaves might turn yellow when too much water is applied. It will start to change its color from green to yellow. Lots of leaves might be affected if that happen.

When there are lots of yellow leaves on the guava tree, it is not good. The tree will not make more foods because the leaves have problems. They are not working well and can’t convert sunlight into foods well. The tree will hardy grow if lots of its leaves are color yellow. So its important to give enough amount of water to your guava tree to prevent it to happen.

Browning of the leaves can also happen. Those yellow leaves might turn brown if the problem worsen. The leaves doesn’t recover and change it color from yellow to brown. It is important to know the amount of water to give to the tree to prevent like this to happen.

Curling of leaves may also happen because of over water. The leaves may slightly curl up because the tree is stress because of lots of water give to the tree. The roots cannot handle too much water and its suffering stress which affect some of its part like leaves. The tree can recover just stop watering for a few days and wait if the tree show some good sign of recovering. The leaves might back to normal in the following days to come.

Over watering can also cause root rot. Root rot is a serious problem and it can affect the tree. Because of root rot yellow leaves, brown leaves, leaf curl, few flowers and fruits might happen. When the roots are damage it cannot transport water and minerals well to the tree. Over watering can be cause by human error or by bad weather. If lots of rain and it flood, the roots will be place under the water and root rot can happen. A good drainage system is good to make in order to prevent floods. Its really important to know how to care for guava tree.

Watering is essential ingredients for the guava tree to grow well. It will help the leaves to grow bigger and maintain its color green. Also it water will help to grow more flowers. flowers are where the fruits begin. Also more fruits will grow when the tree receive enough water. During the drought season the tree needs more water to stay cool and hydrated.

Provide Lots Of Sunlight

Guava tree really loves sunlight. This tree is growing well in tropical and sub-tropical countries where sunlight is abundant. So when you plan to grow guava tree, you need to pick a good site where to grow this tree. In that way you can assure that your tree will grow well in fast way. Also you will not worry about the growth of the tree in the near future.

There are times that there are big trees nearby. Those big trees might affect your tree because they might block the sunlight which what the guava tree needs. If sunlight is block the guava tree cannot produce enough food for them. So its important to plant the tree with some distance away from them. Or you can cut some of branches from other tree so that sunlight will hit your guava tree.

The sunlight will help the tree to grow taller fast. The sunlight is the major food of the tree and without it they cannot grow in a maximum way. Also when the tree get lots of food more flowers and fruits will show on your tree. You will have a good and abundant harvest to come. More guava fruits wil grow on the tree.


Pruning will also help the guava tree to stay healthy. When there area some damage branches, they might affect the overall growth of the tree so its great to remove them away from the tree. Healthy guava branches will help the leaves to grow well and produce more flowers and fruits.

Nutrients and water transport to every parts of the tree. Healthy branches should get those nutrients and water and not for damage one. In that way fruits will grow bigger and more sweeter. Damage branches might not grow well and cannot produce more leaves, flower and fruits so you need to stop the nutrients on going them. The healthy branches are the parts that should receive them.

Pruning is really helpful to make the guava tree healthy. Also if the tree is growing so tall you can trim it to make shorter. Short guava trees are also good to look and its easier to harvest because the fruits are reachable. You can pick the fruits just by hand and place them in the basket if there are lots of fruits to be harvest. Pruning is another way on how to care for guava tree.

Control Pest On Guava Tree

Its common for the plants, vegetables or trees to have pest. These pest cause some damage on the tree. Controlling them is helpful way to prevent lots of damage. Some of these pests are fruit flies, fruit borer, scale, mealy bugs, white aphids, white flies, thrips and bark-eating caterpillars. Pesticides is useful as a treatment to get rid of them. There are some organic insecticides that can also be use.

Pests can damage the leaves which may result to poor growth. Guava leaves need to stay healthy in order to produce more foods by converting sunlight into foods. Pests can also damage the fruits. Its delicious to eat guava fruits but pests can damage them which changes its taste and make some spots on the skin. It is needed to care for guava tree.

Disease Control

There are times that disease might attack the guava tree. It can affect the tree which lead to a poor growth. Those diseases that might attack are needed to get rid as soon as possible. Fungicides can be use as a treatment to prevent further damage. When the disease are get rid the tree will starts growing and goes back to normal after a few days.

Apply Fertilizer To Improve Guava Tree Growth

One of the best fertilizer for guava tree is 6-6-6-2 (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium-magnesium). The nitrogen helps the leaves to stay healthy and green because it improves the chlorophyll on the leaves which help to covert sunlight into foods. Phosphorus, potassium and magnesium also helps to the overall growth of the tree which help the roots to grow better, stronger tree and more flowers and fruits.

You can buy commercial fertilizer from the store but you can also use organic fertilizers. There are people who are making homemade fertilizer for guava tree which is a good idea. You can save money, its eco-friendly and it will help the tree to grow better and produce lots of fruits. Its really important know how to care for guava tree.

Those are some informations on how to care for guava tree. Some of the things that you can do to help the tree grow well is apply some fertilizer, control pest and diseases, pruning damage branches, don’t over water and make sure that guava tree will get enough sunlight.