Guava Tree Temperature Tolerance

guava tree temperature tolerance

Knowing what is guava tree temperature tolerance will gives people an idea if the tree is possible to grow in their specific location. There are many places where guava trees can be grown but some locations are not suitable because of the climate. Some places have no winter season and some are have. Usually the guava trees are growing and thriving well in tropical and sub-tropical countries. If the current location you are living have a good temperature range then it is possible to grow guava at your home.

What Is Guava Tree Temperature Tolerance?

The guava tree temperature tolerance is around 27° to 28°F (-3 to -2°C). That temperature is cold but the tree will be fine if it doesn’t goes lower in that number. Young guava trees can tolerate those temperature while the mature trees can goes around 25°F (-4°C). The guava trees are not frost tolerant so the temperature must not go lower into that.

Frost are not friendly for the guava tree. This tree really loves sunlight. Its grows well in tropical and sub-tropical countries where sun is abundant.

The sun is important for the growth of the guava tree. But it is still great if the location where this tree is grown experience winter whose climate is different and the temperature goes lower. It can survive a few degrees below the freezing temperature but not too low.

There are some ways on how to protect guava tree from frost. Some guava trees are small like the dwarf varieties. Since they are way smaller compare to standard tree its great to grow them inside the pot or container. In that way its easier to move them to the sunlight or keeps them inside the house when the winter or frost come. The tree will be safer.

But how about for standard guava tree grown on the ground, how to protect them?

How To Protect Guava Tree From Frost?

To protect guava tree from frost, water the soil so that it will re-radiate heat during the night. It is better if the soil is warm because its the place where the tree is planted. Before the frost come you can remove some weeds under the tree and place some wood chips to keep the soil moist.

Covering the tree with some sheets, tarps, burlap that extends until the ground will help to protect them, use some stakes or frames to minimize the contact between the leaves and the covering.

After the winter, remove those cover. The tree will started to recover. Wait for a few days and observe if the tree has some problem to be fix.

After few days of waiting, if you see some damage branches you need to prune them. The tree will started to grow again. Its really important to know guava tree temperature tolerance.

How Cold Can Guava Tolerate?

The guava can tolerate cold around 27° to 28°F (-3 to -2°C). That is a cold temperature but the tree can survive that cold. Places are different. But even in your place experiences winter the tree will still grow. It can still gets sunlight which what the tree needs.

Having more sunlight is good for the guava tree. They can grow well and produce lots of flower and fruits. People grows guava tree because the fruits are very nutritious. It is rich in vitamin c which makes strong the immune system. The fruit can be use to make jam or some dishes. Also the leaves have many uses.

Can Guava Tree Survive Winter?

Yes, guava tree can survive winter if the temperature goes around 27° to 28°F (-3 to -2°C). If it goes lower the tree will not be safe. It can survive winter but it will not survive so much frost.

Guava trees are not frost tolerant so growing dwarf varieties planted inside the container or pot is a great thing to do because you can always move the tree whenever their is a frost or the temperature gets colder.

Its important for the tree to be safe so that it will continues to grow and produce fruits. The fruits are really nutritious and great to eat to make immune system stronger. It has also sweet taste and people can enjoy eating it.

Those are some informations about what is guava tree temperature tolerance. The guava tree can tolerate temperature around 27° to 28°F (-3 to -2°C). Mature trees can goes as low as 25°F (-4°C). The guava tree cold hardiness is important to know so that growers well have some initial ideas if the tree is tolerance to cold and suitable to grow in their location.