Why Guava Leaves Curling?

why guava leaves curling

There are many reasons why guava leaves curling. Curl leaves can affects guava tree’s growth. Few affected leaves is fine but if there are lots of leaves that have curl it’s not a good sign for the tree. An immediate treatment is needed to stop the problem. Analyzing the tree and figure out what is the cause is the first thing to do and next is the solution.

Why Guava Leaves Curling?

Lack Of Water

The first reason why guava leaves curling is because of lack of water. When the guava tree is under water it can suffer for the leaves to curl. It can happen sometimes when the grower doesn’t give enough water on teh tree or there is a long drought. Lack of water can cause stress on the tree.

When there is no presence of water on the guava leaves it might curl. Water is very important ingredients for the guava tree’s growth. They need to receive enough water regularly. In that way they will grow taller and bigger. More flowers, healthy leaves and lots of fruits will be the results when you give enough water on your guava tree.

If the tree is getting water from the rainfall, there will be a time that drought season will come. During summer rainfall is not present. They need to be water almost everyday during that time because the water evaporates faster. Good watering is important for the tree to thrive well.

Over Watered

Lack of water can cause curling of guava leaves but over watering can also be a cause. When you over watered the guava tree there are few things might happen. Leaves might turn yellow, drop and also curl. It happens because there are too much water on the soil and the tree can’t handle it. So its important to be careful in watering the guava tree.

Sometimes during the time that you give water to the guava tree, you accidentally give lots of water. You are not aware of that and the result is lots of leaves got curl. Stop watering the tree for a few days and observe what will happen. The tree might recover when the water is gone. Also a good drainage will help to prevent water to stack.

The best thing to do is always be careful when watering your guava tree. It’s really important to prevent an accident that might lead your tree in a bad situation. Having a good drainage system will help to prevent water stacking and also when there is will prevent flood especially when there is a storm or heavy rains.

Root Damage

Root damage can happen when there are lots of water on the soil which cause for the roots to decay or there is a disease that damage the roots of the guava tree. The roots lose their function to transport water and nutrients to the tree. Because of that the leaves might started to curl. Lots of leaves might be affected and the growth will stop. The flowers and fruits are likely to decrease and grow smaller.

Over watering can be avoided to prevent root rot. Giving just enough water regularly will make the tree grow bigger at the same time prevents the problem. If storms or heavy rains come from time to time on your place, making a good drainage system will prevent the tree to place under the flood. The roots of the tree will be safer.

You need to think of the possible happenings that may cause root rot on the guava tree and make a great solution to prevent it to happen. When the roots stays healthy, no damage happen, the leaves will not curl and more fruits will come sooner. Abundant guavas will grow on the tree.

Lack of Sunlight

Lacking of sunlight can also cause curling of the leaves. The guava tree must receive enough sunlight regularly to produce their food. When sunshine is not enough they cannot create enough food for them to grow. It may also cause for the leaves to curl. There are some factors why your tree doesn’t get enough sunlight.

When the tree is planted near other big trees, there is a possibilty that sunlight are getting block by them. The sunlight hits the other tree instead of the guava. Because of that the sunlight becomes limited and the guava tree cannot produce enough food. The best thing to do is to find a good spot where there are no big trees nearby before planting the guava tree.

Transplant Shock

When you buy new guava seedlings that you are going to plant on your yard, during transplanting you need to be careful. It’s because the tree might experience transplant shock if they way of planting is improper. You need to make sure that you handle the seedling properly. In that way the guava seedlings will be fine.

If the tree experience transplant shock, some of its leaves might drop, turn yellow or curl. It is not great for your seedlings. The best way you can do is just to wait if the tree will recover. You can water it just a little. Don’t apply any fertilizer yet and just observe the tree day by day. The tree might back to normal after a few days.

Over Fertilization

Another reason why guava leaves curling is because of over fertilization. Fertilizers that are made by chemicals becomes harmful when too much is applied. You need to make sure that the amount of fertilizer you put into your guava tree is just right. In that way over fertilization will be prevented.

But there are cases that applying of fertilizer is too much. If that happen if can results to many things. It can make leaves yellow, drop or curl. It can also results to have less flowers and fruits. Fertilizer especially chemicals are not good for the tree if applied too much.

But there are organic fertilizer that you can just use. They are eco-friendly because they don’t have chemicals content. Organic fertilizers are made up of organic matters like leaves, grasses, wood chips, etc. There are also Vermicompost that you can buy from the store.

Pests and Diseases

There are times that pests and diseases might also cause for the guava leaves to curl. You need to monitor your tree to find if there are pests and diseases that attack your tree. In that way you can protect the entire tree and prevent any damage to happen. If the tree is attack with the pest you can apply pesticides or insecticides while if there are diseases you can use fungicides.

Those are some informations about why guava leaves curling. Some of the factors are cause by over or lack of water, disease, over fertilization, transplant shock, lack of sunlight and root rot. When the cause is figure out the treatment can be applied as early as possible to solve the problem.