When Do Orange Trees Bloom?

Orange trees are producing sweet fruits. The oranges are quite sweeter than other citruses like lime and lemon.

Because of the great taste of oranges, some people want to grow this tree and they buy an orange tree at a nursery.

They cared for it and got excited for the flowers and fruits to appear on the tree every time they observed it.

But how long do you need to wait before the blooms grow on orange trees?

When Do Orange Trees Bloom?

The orange trees will bloom when they are already 3 to 4 years old.

The climate in every country is different so the blooming season may also differ from other countries.

But usually, it can happen in the late winter or early spring for the flowers to appear on the tree.

Those blooms will grow on the tree when the orange tree is already mature.

There are times that your citrus tree is not producing fruits because one reason is it is too young.

You cannot expect a young orange tree to produce fruits so what you need to do is to care for them until they become more mature.

While waiting for your tree to mature you need to make sure they are getting enough water, sunlight, and nutrients.

Also, if there are pests roaming around your tree you need to control them so that your orange tree will not get a lot of damage.

But one good thing about the orange tree is you can find varieties that are pests and disease tolerant. 

Grafted Orange Tree Blooming

Grafted orange trees bloom the fastest. You can buy a grafted orange tree from a nursery or garden center and it will give you oranges in 1 to 3 years.

If you have many orange trees at home you can also graft some of them so that you will have many trees and these trees will give you a lot of orange fruits.

The grafting method is merging a mature scion and young rootstock. When the grafting of the tree becomes successful the tree will bloom as early as one year or within two to three years.

Orange Tree Grown From Seed

If you try to grow an orange tree from a seed you need to wait for a long period of time before it blooms.

An orange tree grown from seed may bloom within 7 to 15 years. That is quite long before you see a lot of flowers on the tree.

Also, if you want to be successful in growing an orange tree through seed, you must find true-to-type seeds so that they will bear fruits.

You can find these kinds of true-to-type orange seeds at the nursery or garden centers.

Still, even if the tree grows well you still need to wait for some years before the blooms and fruits appear on the citrus tree.

When Do Orange Trees Bloom In Arizona?

If you are growing an orange tree in Arizona it may bloom in April. Usually, the blooms may appear in the late winter to early spring.

Once the blooms are pollinated they will become small oranges. But still, some of those small fruits will not grow bigger and some of them will just fall to the ground.

The orange tree is self-pollinating but if you want to increase the number of pollinated flowers, you can do hand pollination.

This technique can help to increase the potential oranges that will grow on the tree until they are ripe.

You can let the wind and pollinators pollinate the flowers but if they are not available, hand pollination will help increase oranges.

When Do Orange Trees Bloom In California?

The orange tree’s bloom may appear in the late winter or the early spring. At first flower buds appear and then those buds become flowers.

Many flowers will grow on the orange tree but many of them will fall to the ground. Only a few flowers may grow and be pollinated and it is normal for this kind of tree.

Most citruses grow many flowers but only a few of them will become fruits.

If you are seeing that your orange tree is growing a lot of flowers but only some of them become oranges, you don’t need to worry because it is common for citruses to have fewer growth fruits.

A small orange tree cannot grow a lot of oranges on its branches. If that happens it can affect the tree growth because a lot of orange fruits are too heavy for the tree to handle.

Fruit thinning is sometimes done to protect the tree from getting damaged.

When Do Orange Trees Bloom In Florida?

The orange trees may start blooming in the third week of January or in early February.

The white flowers will begin appearing in the orange trees. Those flowers will eventually turn into oranges once they are pollinated successfully.

Orange trees that are grown in Florida may start producing fruits once they are already 3 to 4 years old or earlier.

Usually, commercial orange trees are being grown through grafting or budding which can produce fruits way faster than other propagation methods.

It is possible to grow orange trees from seeds but you need to find true-to-type seeds so that your orange tree will produce fruits.

Most of the grocery-bought oranges are not true to type because commonly this type of fruit are coming from hybrid trees.

Another thing is it takes time to grow an orange tree from seed because it can take 7 to 15 years before it produces fruits.

If you are planning to grow an orange tree it is better to get an orange tree from a nursery or a garden center. 


Do Orange Trees Bloom Twice A Year?

Orange trees may not bloom twice a year. The orange fruits are quite bigger than other citrus fruits. Most citruses that have smaller fruits like lime and lemon can somewhat bloom up to four times a year. Also, oranges take months to mature before they can be harvested.

Do Orange Blossoms Turn Into Oranges?

Yes, orange blooms turn into oranges. The blooms take time to grow and once they are pollinated they will start growing into fruits. Eventually, those small oranges will increase in size and become oranges.