What Is The Lowest Temperature An Orange Tree Can Handle?

Orange trees are great to grow and once they get mature they give you a lot of oranges. But growing orange trees is sometimes challenging.

There are some problems that you may encounter and you need to take some action to keep your tree thriving well.

One problem is about the weather. Weather changes from time to time and when the winter comes the weather becomes cold.

What Is The Lowest Temperature An Orange Tree Can Handle?

How Cold Can An Orange Tree Tolerate?

An orange tree can tolerate temperatures of about 29 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The orange tree will need protection once the temperature gets lower than those temperatures.

Some orange trees are not cold-hardy. Too much cold can damage the fruits, leaves, and the whole part of the tree.

The orange fruits can get damaged when the temperature is about 26 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extreme cold can affect orange trees but the good thing is there are some varieties of orange trees that are cold-hardy.

Some of the cold-hardy trees are Satsuma mandarin, Tangerines, Calamondin, Sweet Oranges, etc.

If you are experiencing cold weather and if you can find some of those varieties in your location then try growing them.

In that way, the trees you are going to grow will survive the cold and will continue to grow. They will give you a lot of fruits in the long run.

How Do You Protect Orange Trees From Cold?

If you are growing a dwarf orange tree variety that is planted in the container you can easily protect them against the cold by bringing them inside.

The temperature outdoors will be cold when the winter comes and you can keep your orange tree warm by moving them indoors.

The temperature indoors is much warmer which will keep the citrus tree safer. Aside from that, you can also place some LED grow lights near your orange tree to keep them thriving.

The LED grow light will give some heat to the tree which is used by them to make food. Even if there is not much sunlight, those grow lights will be useful for the tree.

If you are growing standard orange trees planted in the ground you cannot move them indoors.

To protect orange trees planted outside you need to cover them with blankets or tarps to keep them safe.

By covering them with some protection the tree will not be damaged that much. There are also chances that the tree will not get much damage especially if they are mature trees.

Mature orange trees planted outdoors are a little bit cold-hardy than younger trees.

Another thing about orange trees is they are more cold-hardy than other citruses like lemon and lime.

There are some orange trees that can tolerate temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius).

What Is The Most Cold-Hardy Orange Tree?

One of the most cold-hardy citrus trees is the Satsuma mandarin. The Satsuma mandarin tree can withstand temperatures of about 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 degrees Celsius).

When you are experiencing too cold weather in your location, this tree is great to grow for you.

The Satsuma mandarin tree is producing delicious fruits. They are sweet, tart, and less acidic. There are also times that this tree produces seedless fruits.

If you are looking for one of the most cold-hardy orange trees, then try growing Satsuma mandarin.

There are Satsuma mandarin trees that are growing tall and there are also smaller trees that you can grow in containers.

Should I Bring An Orange Tree Inside For Winter?

Yes, one of the best ways to protect your orange tree against the winter is to bring them inside. If you have a potted orange tree it is easy to move and by keeping them indoors, the tree will not get too much cold.

There are many orange trees that are just growing small and they are suitable to grow in pots. You can find dwarf orange trees at the nurseries or garden centers.

Once the winter is over you can bring your potted orange tree outside again when the weather gets warmer so that they will get more sunlight.

You need to bring your citrus tree again inside when the weather gets cold. By doing that you will keep your orange tree safer.

How Cold Can Mandarin Oranges Tolerate?

The Mandarin tree is one of the most cold-hardy orange trees. This tree can tolerate up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit when mature.

Younger trees are less cold-hardy than mature trees. So younger oranges still need a little bit of protection to keep them warm.

Once the tree gets more mature it can withstand cold as long as the temperature will not drop a lot.

Mandarin trees can grow without getting much damage in colder places.

Can Mandarin Trees Survive Winter?

Yes, mandarin trees are likely to survive winter because they are one of the most cold-tolerant citrus trees.

This tree is producing excellent fruits that you can eat. You will enjoy the fruits at the same time the tree will be a little bit safer even if the weather gets cold since they are more cold-hardy than other varieties.

You still need to take care of them so that they will thrive excellently and produce the fruits that you really want.

Are Clementines Cold Hardy?

Yes, clementines are also cold-hardy. This tree will give you a lot of delicious fruits that will give you vitamins and minerals when you eat them.

This tree can be grown in containers and can be placed indoors when the weather becomes extremely cold.

Even if the clementines are cold-hardy, they still need protection once the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bringing your potted clementine is the best way to keep them warm. Once the winter is over and the weather becomes finer you can bring your tree outside.


Should Oranges Be Picked Before A Freeze?

Yes, oranges should be picked before a freeze to prevent them from getting damaged. When those oranges like Valencia oranges are already mature and ripe, you can harvest them and enjoy the fruits. Too much cold can damage oranges so you should pick them before a freeze.