Why Do Orange Trees Have Flowers But No Fruit?

Growing an orange tree for the first time will be exciting because as soon as it matures, oranges will grow on the tree. Oranges are delicious because of their sweet-tart taste.

An orange tree bought from a nursery can bear fruits in 3 to 4 years. But there are times that the tree doesn’t grow fruits. It will be disappointing when your tree doesn’t produce fruits.

There are times that even if an orange tree has flowers, still fruits don’t grow. The orange tree flowers are not turning into fruits and they just fall to the ground.

Orange Tree Flowers But No Fruit

The Orange Tree Is Not Mature Yet

You can get orange fruits way faster if you buy an already grown orange tree from garden centers, nurseries, or online.

This kind of tree has been growing for a few years and is quite established which can give you early orange fruits.

Usually bought orange trees can bear fruits in 3 to 4 years, sometimes it can grow oranges much earlier which is amazing.

If your orange tree is not yet blooming or fruiting, you just need to let them mature. Too young orange trees will not flower or fruit.

Once the orange tree matures, you will eventually see flowers on the tree which will turn oranges after.

If you are sure that your tree is already mature but it still doesn’t grow flowers and fruits there are some other causes that prevent your tree from bearing fruits.

The Orange Flowers Are Not Pollinated

Another reason why orange tree flowers but no fruit is the flowers are not pollinated. Citrus like oranges are self-fertile which means that they can grow fruits without cross-pollination.

But even if they are self-fertile there are times that flowers don’t turn into fruits. When flowers are not pollinated, no oranges will grow on the tree.

In order to increase the pollinated flowers, you need the help of the wind and most importantly the pollinators.

Wind can help in a little way to pollinate the flowers. It can move the pollen to the stigma of the flower which can help to grow oranges.

Aside from the wind, pollinators like wasps and bees can really increase the pollinated flowers on your orange tree. These insects are roaming around on the flowers and they move that pollen to the flowers’ stigma.

If you are growing an orange tree in a container and you place it indoors, you can move your tree outside to benefit from the wind and pollinators. In that way, there will be more oranges growing on the tree.

One more thing is if there is less wind and no pollinators in your area, you can do hand pollination. You can do it in two ways.

The first one is to use a brush. Get a small dry brush and start brushing those flowers on the tree. Just do it gently and try not to do it too hard.

The second one is to get an orange flower. Get a flower, try to remove the petals, and then brush them on the flowers. By doing that you can transfer the pollen to the flower’s stigma and eventually fruits will grow.

Orange Tree Flowers Fall Off

It is common for citruses like orange for the flowers to fall. Not all flowers will turn into oranges. But it is not great to see if all flowers will fall to the ground and no fruits grow on the tree.

Why are the flowers falling off my orange tree? Water stress can cause the orange flowers to fall. Over and under watering can cause tree stress which affects tree growth.

You need to give just the right amount of water to prevent the flowers from falling.

Another thing is that orange tree flowers will fall if they are not pollinated. If you are seeing many flowers falling to the ground they are not pollinated and they will not turn into oranges.

Nutrient deficiencies can also cause the flowers on your orange tree to drop. You need to feed your orange tree with enough nutrients by applying fertilizer.

When the soil is rich in nutrients, more flowers will grow and the fruits will form sooner.

Young Orange Fruits Drop Prematurely

There are also times that oranges are growing on the tree but they don’t grow to the maximum size and drop too early.

Weather changes can affect the tree which causes oranges to drop. When you have a suitable climate in your location you can assure that the fruits will be fine and will grow to the max.

Another thing is pests and diseases. There are some pests and diseases that can affect the growth of the fruits.

You need to keep the tree healthy so that the fruits will be healthy too. In that way, you can assure that you will harvest oranges sooner.

Most of the oranges sold at the nurseries are grafted and these trees are a little bit tolerant of pests and diseases. Still, you need to manage to control pests and diseases on your tree.

The watering problem can also stress the tree and can be a reason why oranges drop. Give the orange tree the right amount of water to keep fruits growing and prevent dropping.

Also if there are many fruits on the tree, not all fruits will grow and some of them will drop. It is normal if you see that there are fruits dropping off the tree.

Some of them will fall and others will grow big and eventually you can eat them very soon.

Over Pruning

Pruning is not common, especially for dwarf oranges. You can trim some branches but since it just grows small usually growers don’t even prune their orange trees.

Pruning can reduce the fruits on your tree. It is because when you cut old branches the chances of getting fruits will be lower. There will be fewer fruits growing on new branches compared to old branches.

So if you are going to prune your orange tree you must prune only those too-long branches so that the tree can still manage to grow a lot of oranges.


How To Make Orange Trees Produce More Fruit?

To make orange trees produce more fruit you need to give them enough water, sunlight, and nutrients. When orange trees meet their needs consistently they will bear more oranges. Another thing is to bring your potted orange tree outdoors so that pollinators like bees will help increase the pollination of flowers. You can also do hand pollination to increase fruits on the tree.

Should I Remove Flowers From My Orange Tree?

No, if your orange tree doesn’t have fruits yet you should not remove those flowers on your tree. You need to let the tree manage to grow fruits first. If your orange tree currently has many oranges, you can remove those new flowers to let the energy focus on those fruits and increase their size.

Do Orange Tree Flowers Turn Into Oranges?

Yes, orange tree flowers turn into oranges. When a flower on the tree is pollinated, an orange will grow on this flower. A small orange fruit will grow and as time goes by it will grow bigger and sooner you can harvest it. Not all orange tree flowers will turn into fruit and some of them fall to the ground.