Radish Plant Growth Stages: How Does It Grow?

Do you know the radish plant growth stages? If you have a garden and you plant this plant you will know how radish plants grow.

Knowing how radishes grow will give you an idea of how to care for them and how long it will take before you can harvest radishes.

That is why sometimes it is good to know the life cycle of a radish plant.

Radish Plant Growth Stages

Stage 1. Seed

In the early phase, the radish plant is just in the form of a seed. The seeds are very small and are sometimes black, gray, or reddish in color.

Nothing happens during this time especially when the seeds are just placed in a storage container.

The seeds can last for a little bit longer when properly stored and you can still have a good germination rate.

But over time the quality of seeds starts to lose so you must use and plant them as early as possible.

If you are going to buy radish seeds from a nursery, garden center, or any agriculture-related establishments you will get a lot of seeds per pack.

You will grow many radishes if you have a lot of seeds. Radish plants don’t need much spacing which means you can grow a lot of plants in a single garden bed.

Stage 2. Germination

Once the seeds are being sown in the ground they will start germinating. The grower plants the radish seeds in the ground and they will start growing tiny roots.

Radish seeds will germinate in 3 to 5 days or in some cases it will take up to 10 days. The roots will grow first then the tiny leaves will grow next.

You can grow the seeds directly in the ground or you can also grow them in the seed tray and do transplanting after.

But it is better to sow the seeds in the ground because radish grows fast and you can harvest them within as early as 25 days, especially for fast-growing radish varieties. 

Good quality soil and water will make the seeds sprout. Just wait for them and after a few days, you will see that there are many small radish seedlings.

Stage 3. Seedling

After a few days, the germinated seed will become a seedling. The seedling will have a few more roots, a few more leaves, and a short but thin stem.

It is important that when the radish seedlings grow, there will be no animals roaming in your gardens like chickens and ducks because they might damage the seedlings.

If you plant the seeds in the seed tray, you can transplant them once they have enough size.

Once the seeds become a seedling, they continue to grow well. They grow fast and grow more roots and leaves. The main stem also becomes thicker and longer.

Stage 4. Vegetative Stage

After that time, the plant will reach the vegetative stage, which needs more nutrients, sunlight, and water so that it will grow faster and it can help to grow bigger crops.

When the radish plant receives its needs regularly you can expect them to thrive better.

Use a low level of nitrogen fertilizer because a lot of nitrogen can cause the plants to grow bigger and have more leaves which can cause the crops to become smaller.

Your main focus is to make the crop bigger and nitrogen is an element that will not make the crop bigger but nitrogen will just make leaves grow bigger.

Also, if pests are roaming around on your radishes you must control them so that they will not damage your plants.

When the plants are pest-free you will see they are growing quickly which can lead you to get your first harvest.

Stage 5. Root Crop Formation

Once the plant matures it will develop radishes under the ground. It can take about 25 days for some varieties to mature and harvest and it will take about 50 or more days for other varieties.

The radish crop will grow under the ground. The crop is just small during the early phase but it continues to grow bigger and longer as time passes.

You must not overwater your radishes because it can cause root rot. Too much water can cause the radish plant to rot and get damaged.

Once your radishes have enough size you can now start harvesting them. There are times that radishes are growing slightly above the soil which will give you a hint if they can be harvested or not.

A single plant will just grow one radish so if you want to harvest a lot of radishes you must plant more seeds.

If you have 25 radishes plants you can also get 25 radishes. If you want 50 radishes you must grow 50 plants.

Stage 6. Flowering

Once the radish crops are formed you can harvest them. But if you will not harvest them they will continue to grow and they will grow flowers.

The flowers will appear after a few weeks. Those flowers will go to mature and sooner the seeds will form the next.

You just need to let the flowers mature and seeds will form. Don’t pick off the flowers on the plant and in just a few weeks you can now harvest the seeds.

Stage 7. Seeding

The seeds will grow after a few weeks and you can get those seeds once they are mature enough. It is good to save seeds from your radish crop and you can use those seeds to grow radish plants again.

If you can harvest a lot of seeds you can make a garden with a lot of radishes. It will be great to harvest a lot of radishes that can be consumed by the family or can be sold at the market.

You can make many garden beds and grow a lot of radishes there. It will be a good source of food that can be consumed by the family.

The Life Cycle Of Radish: Radish Plant Growth Stages

Those are the different stages of radish plant growth. The radish plant will start as a seed, the seed will germinate, it will turn into a seedling, the vegetative growth will come, the crop will form, and the flowers will grow which seeds will grow there.