What is Calamansi Tree Planting Distance?

What is Calamansi Tree Planting distance

Growing calamansi tree in a wide area need some spacing in order for them to grow well. The distance is needed so that they will not be crowded in one place and will not compete for the sunlight. So what is the calamansi tree planting distance? Here’s the answer.

The calamansi tree planting distance is about 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) apart. This spacing will help the tree to grow well. They can receive more sunlight, enough water and nutrients coming from the soil. Calamansi need some planting distance to improve growths health and for abundant harvest.

Growing plants or trees need some distance. When you try to observe most of the gardeners put some space between each plant so that it will grow well. It will have some effects if plants are crowded in one place. So here are some reason why.

Why you need to put some planting distance?

You need to put some planting distance so that the sunlight, water, and nutrients will be consume into maximize per tree.

Sunlight – the calamansi tree grows well in tropical and sub-tropical countries, means calamansi loves more sunlight. You need to put some planting distance so that it will receive more. For smaller seedlings or tree aging 1 month to 3 years old, it requires atleast 4 hours of sunlight, 6 hours for the bigger size tree aging 3 to 5+ years old.

It needs more sunlight to improve its overall growth. Some of the improveness that will happen are; the tree will produce more leaves. More leaves, more foods to get. The leaves are the main worker of the plant. It has a capability of processing the sunlight into foods.

It has a power to do that in the process of photosynthesis. When the sunlight hit the leaves, it will be converted into foods making the tree grows better. Having a calamansi plant distance helps the tree to produce more flowers and fruits, reasons of having an abundant harvest.

Water – In order for calamansi to grow well it needs some planting distance so that it will consume more water. Calamansi will bloom more flowers when the right watering system is applied. Young calamansi trees needs adequate water. Water it until the soils feels damp. Apply water continuously whenever the soil feels dry. The roots will establish within three to five years.

Through watering, the calamansi trees can be forced to flush and bloom more flowers. It can happen when you do heavy watering 1 to 2 months before the normal flowering time. You can know it easily when the tree bear fruits already. Heavy watering doesn’t mean you are going to water it everyday, it means you need to apply more water at least twice or thrice a week until its flowering time. Caution, too much water can affect calamansi roots and it might be rot its roots.

Why you need to put calamansi planting distance? The calamansi tree loves water but apply it once or twice a week. Too much water can causes to rot its roots. When the roots decay it will affect the whole tree and causes for it to die. You need to be careful in applying water. Heavy watering in a day but once in a week will be better. You need to water it 4 to 8 times in a month. For example you will water it today, apply more water like 1L or 2 per week only.

Nutrients – you need to put some calamansi tree planting distance so that they will not competing for the nutrients coming from the soil. One reason, why calamansi doesn’t grow well is because of lack on nutrients. Calamansi needs some nutrients coming from the soil to make it bloom more flowers and bear some fruits. It needs some fertilizer or compost to push it in producing abundant of flowers that eventually turns into fruits.

Some people use organic fertilizer to supply nutrients on the tree. Organic fertilizers are free from chemical and they are natural. This can be compose of grasses, leaves, wood chips, animal manure or any organic matters. You can use this and mix it on the soil. This will help to improve the status of soil nutrients and improve trees health.

Some people use inorganic fertilizer. In the first year, fertilize the calamansi with 2/3 cup of urea and 16-20-0 fertilizers mixed every 4 months. When the calamansi tree reaches 2 years old, apply 3 pounds of 12-24-12 fertilizer two months after it blooms flowers and two months after harvest. If the tree is already 8 years old, apply 4 to 6 pounds of 12-24-12 with the same schedule to 16-20-0. You will see the improvement of the tree in coming weeks or months, you need just to put some calamansi tree planting distance or space.

Tips in Caring for Multiple Calamansi Tree with some distance

Use good tools – well planting calamansi with some distance with multiple trees need some good tools to use in order to make it easy for the gardener to move faster. For example you are going to water the citrus tree, you need some good tools like sprinkler which can hold adequate water in order to water a tree.

Since you havd multiple trees, you need to walk from one and another. Use some good tools to water your calamansi trees. You can also use gardening hose to move faster. Since the water on hose is flowing, you can water the calamansi trees even better.

Why planting calamansi tree with a distance is needed?

Well when calamansi tree planting distance is better, those essential things will be in maximum. It can get more foods, water and nutrients. A side from that, the pest coming from one tree will not be spread easily to another since it have some good distance or space.

Thank you for reading this article about what is calamansi tree planting distance. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.