Can Calamansi Be A Substitute For Lemon?

There are citrus fruits that taste sweet like an orange, but there are also taste sour like lime, lemon and calamansi. These fruits can be use to make juice which is good for our health. They are many other uses for these citrus fruits especially in cooking. It can be use for marinade or to … Read more

Calamansi Vs Kumquat: The Same Or Not?

There are many kinds of citrus that bear fruits. Some of them taste sour and some are sweet. Citrus fruits have many uses. It can be use to mix on some food, make juices and many other things. There are people started growing this tree at their backyard. It gives them more fruits when harvesting … Read more

How To Marcot Calamansi Tree?

Growing calamansi tree is very awesome thing. It gives many fruits that can be use to make juices or mix with foods to get a sour taste. In growing this tree you can use seeds, grafting method or marcotting. Any of those method can be useful. But what are the steps on how to marcot … Read more

Does Calamansi Tree Have Thorns?

The calamansi tree belongs to a citrus family. It produces fruit that tastes sour. There are many uses for the fruit. It can be use to make fruit juices or mix on some foods to have a better taste. The calamansi tree can be grown at home and gives you a lot of fruits. But … Read more

Does Calamansi Tree Need Full Sun?

Does calamansi need full sun? Calamansi tree belongs to citrus family. The fruit of this tree contains vitamins. Around 100 grams of calamansi juice contains around 88% of vitamin C. This vitamins boost our immune system. But before drinking calamansi juice, it need first to grow it and one question that need some answer is … Read more

Calamansi Tree Fertilizer

Calamansi Tree Fertilizer Calamansi tree needs some nutrients to maintain its growth. It will also improves flowering and bearing of fruits. Nutrients can get from the soil. But what if the soil has a poor nutrients content, you need to apply some, so. What is the best calamansi tree fertilizer? Here’s the answer. Apply 50 … Read more

What is Calamansi Tree Planting Distance?

Growing calamansi tree in a wide area need some spacing in order for them to grow well. The distance is needed so that they will not be crowded in one place and will not compete for the sunlight. So what is the calamansi tree planting distance? Here’s the answer. The calamansi tree planting distance is … Read more

What is Calamansi Tree Characteristics?

Calamansi Tree Characteristics Calamansi tree is popular tree especially in Asian countries like the Philippines. Many gardeners grow this in the house and some of them make it as their business. Also is started to spread wide across the globe. For some new to this tree know some information and let start about what is … Read more

How to Take Good Care of Calamansi Tree?

There are many citrus tree and one of it is calamansi. This is a beautiful houseplant you can grow at home especially in the backyard. It makes the surroundings beautiful, but. How to take good care of calamansi is a question you need to take note in growing this tree. There are many ways on … Read more

How Tall does a Calamansi Tree Grow?

Height of trees varies. There are many trees grows bigger and higher and also smaller. Some fruit trees grow and spread their branches wider. But, talking about tree here is calamansi, so. Let’s try to know how tall does a calamansi tree grow. The calamansi tree is about 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 … Read more