What is Calamansi Tree Characteristics?

What is Calamansi Tree characteristics

Calamansi Tree Characteristics

Calamansi tree is popular tree especially in Asian countries like the Philippines. Many gardeners grow this in the house and some of them make it as their business. Also is started to spread wide across the globe. For some new to this tree know some information and let start about what is calamansi tree characteristics? The answer:

Calamansi tree belongs to citrus family and has a scientific name (Citrunella mitis). It grows 3 to 6 m (10 to 20 ft) tall. The flowers of it is color white and has a fragrant smell. The fruit of it has a round shape and pale green in color and orange when ripe. It has also thorns on the bark of the tree.

Knowing its appearance, texture, color, size, weight and some other describing words that relates to calamansi tree will be better to know. You can easily identify that it is a calamansi tree base on the description you know, so. Lets learn through some sort of information texts will provide.

The parts of calamansi tree

The main parts of calamansi tree are fruits, flowers, seeds, leaves, main bark, branches, roots and thorns. Know some ideas about the parts of the this tree by knowing the characteristics of each and everyone.

1. Fruits

The fruits of the calamansi tree has a fragrant smell. When you compare it to other lime, it has nearly the same aroma. The shape of calamansi fruit is round, almost perfectly round. It grows smaller in size which is 4 times smaller compare to an orange. The weight of calamansi fruit seems to average between 15 and 40 grams.

It has a smooth texture when you hold it. The color of it is pale green to green when young to older and color orange when totally ripe. It has a pointed shallow deep hole in the middle where it was pick away from the tree. Also it has a sour taste. Even sour it is rich in vitamin c.

Vitamin c improves people immune system. It is good for the people to take more calamansi juice to make healths better. That is some of the calamansi tree characteristics regarding about its fruits.

2. Flowers

The calamansi flowers also has a fragrant smell. The smell can be compare to sampaguita flower. It grows small about 0.5 inches long. It has a smooth texture. It has a four to six petals and small sepals. It can weight around 0.3 to 1 gram.

The flower is color white with small yellow pointed edge. When the tree blooms flower it is in group. When a few branches shows flower, some of them will eventually shows off after a few days or weeks. The tree needs some nutrients to produce more flowers.

You need some care in order for it to turn into fruits. That is some simple information about characteristics of calamansi tree regarding to its flowers.

3. Seeds

The calamansi seeds are slippery when you touch. It has a smooth texture. The colors of it is pale green. It has also a good smell. The shape of it is oblong with pointed tips on its edge. The size is small about 0.3 to 0.6 inch. The weight seems about 0.5 to 2 grams. One fruit can have 4 to 8 seeds inside.

4. Leaves

The calamansi leaves has a fragrant smell. Its shape is oblong with pointed edge on both sides. The colors of it is green to pale green in color, yellow when older and brown when dry. The leaves grows about 0.7 to 3 inches long with a weight of about 0.5 to 1 gram. It tastes bitter.

The leaves of the tree grows many. One branches produces many leaves. It help the plants to grow better as many foods will be produce. It is better to grow this tree in an open area where there is abundant hit of sunlight. That is the calamansi tree characteristics regarding about its leaves.

5. Main Bark

The main bark of this citrus tree grows higher about 3 to 6 meters long upon maturity. It is green to brown in color. The texture of it is rough. When you see the bark there are many lines.

The main bark connects other parts of the tree such as branches, leaves, flowers, fruits and roots. All of them are connected to the bark. You need to take care of this part as it support all the parts and send nutrients to them.

6. Branches

The branches are smaller compare to main bark. It is pale green when young and becomes brown when older. It has a smooth to rough in texture.

On the branches, the leaves, flowers and fruits grow. It is important to take care of this to produce abundant harvest. Sometimes, you need to prune some of dead branches to improve trees growth.

7. Roots

The roots is essential part of the tree. It sends nutrients to all parts. The water and nutrients coming from the soil, enters the roots and transport it to them. The roots is color white when young and brown when older. It has a rough texture. The roots grows longer about 1 to 4 meters long.

You need to take care of the roots. The calamansi doesn’t need to be water everyday, but do it once or twice in a week. Over water can cause rooting of its roots.

8. Thorns

The calamansi have many thorns on its bark and branches. The thorns are hard. It may grow about 0.5 to 2 inch long. Its texture are rough. The colors of it is pale green to brown. It is normal to see thorns on calamansi tree.

Thats are some of the characteristics of calamansi tree. Those parts are essential parts and the most important. You need to take care of those things inorder for it to grow well.

Thank you for reading this article about what is calamansi tree characteristics. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.