Calamansi Tree Fertilizer

Calamansi tree fertilizer

Calamansi Tree Fertilizer

Calamansi tree needs some nutrients to maintain its growth. It will also improves flowering and bearing of fruits. Nutrients can get from the soil. But what if the soil has a poor nutrients content, you need to apply some, so. What is the best calamansi tree fertilizer? Here’s the answer.

Apply 50 to 100 grams of ammonium sulfate or urea per tree 1 month after planting calamansi. Repetitive application of fertilizer should be done every 4 months. On the second year, increase it to 200 to 300 grams per tree every 4 months. For 4 to 7+ years old, complete fertilizer (14-14-14) should be apply with amount of 300 to 400 grams per tree.

The timeline for applying calamansi tree fertilizer are first before the flowering stage; next two months after flowering and last, after harvesting. When you apply fertilizer to the calamansi tree, you need to mixed some soil with it. Use also much by using dry leaves, rice straw, hay, dry grasses or wood chips to conserve moisture. Mulch will prevent the water to evaporate in the atmosphere.

What will happen if you apply fertilizer to calamansi tree?

There are sorts of improvement will happen to the over all growth of the tree. Most of them are on the fruits, flowers, leaves, branches, and roots.

Improvements of the roots

Calamansi tree fertilizer will improve its roots. The roots are the main passage way of the nutrients coming from the soil. The fertilizer will makes the roots bigger and healthier. When the fertilizer are apply, the roots underground will becomes bigger and healthier.

We cannot see roots easily because they are on the ground, but even thats the case, the nutrients improve it and becomes stronger. The roots are really important for the over all growth of the tree. More nutrients, the better.

Improvements of the branches

The calamansi tree fertilizer will improve its branches. The branches support the flowers, leaves and fruits. It is really important to have healthy branches so that healthy flowers and fruits will be produce.

Applying fertilizer to the calamansi tree helps branches to grow bigger and stronger. It is needed to take care of this part as it will not grow well without them.

Improvements of the leaves

It will improve the leaves. The leaves are the main reason of having a healthy tree. Why? Because when sunlight hits the leaves, it will produce into foods through the process of photosynthesis.

When the tree gets more food it will become more healthy. And one reason of having a healthy leaves are the fertilizer. Leaves need some nutrients to grow well. Also nutrients prevents the leaves in turning yellow. Yellow leaves is one of the most problem of calamansi grow around the globe. You need to apply more zinc or iron to prevent this. You need to apply calamansi tree fertilizer.

Improvements of the flowers

One major factors why you need to apply fertilizer is to make it blooms more flowers. The fertilizer or nutrients push the tree to bloom flowers. More nutrients more flowers to produce.

The flowers of the calamansi tree has a fragrant smell. The nutrients can be get through fertilizer or nutrients coming from the soil. When the soil is rich in nutrients you will have no problem in growing them. But when it is poor on minerals you need to apply some nutrients.

Improvements of the fruits

Also nutrients improve the tree to produce more fruits. Well the nutrients is the main reason of producing abundant harvest. Not just abundant more bigger and delicious.

You need to apply some every 4 months base on the timeline provided. Those guide will help you to have a better growth, a better harvest. As soon as you have more fruits, you can consume it or sell other remaining.

Where I can Buy calamansi tree fertilizer?

Locally, you can find citrus fertilizer that suit for calamansi. It will cost you some money but it will really help you a lot. You can ask some guide or question from them on the proper way of application of fertilizer.

There are also online store to choose from. For example the, they sell some great fertilizer that will help you. You can choose from the list of vendors online. Another one is, they sell also some best quality fertilizer that applicable to calamansi tree.

What will happen if I apply too much fertilizer on Calamansi tree?

Probably there will be a side effect when too mich fertilizer is applied. You need to be careful in putting some as it might lead to yellowing of the leaves or any other things. You need to use some measuring materials in order to get the right amount to use.

What time of the day should I Apply Fertilizer on Calamansi Tree?

It is best if you will apply fertilizer at 4 to 5 in the afternoon as the sun is setting down. Also you will not feel the heat of the sun and you will feel cool.

Conclusion: Growing calamansi tree is one of the best hobbies to do. It is enjoyable and it relieve our stress. When the tree start producing fruits, you will become more happy. When harvest came you can get some round calamansi and consume it.

Some people use calamansi to make juices. Its because of rich in vitamin c. Vitamin c boost immune system. When people have strong immune system, it is hard for them to get sick. They can do what ever they want because of strong and healthy body.

It is important to grow calamansi tree as it will also provide some oxygen. More oxygen will help us to breathe easily and lessen air pollution in our society.

Thank you for reading this article about what is the best calamansi tree fertilizer. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.