How to Take Good Care of Calamansi Tree?

How to Take good care of calamansi tree

There are many citrus tree and one of it is calamansi. This is a beautiful houseplant you can grow at home especially in the backyard. It makes the surroundings beautiful, but. How to take good care of calamansi is a question you need to take note in growing this tree.

There are many ways on how to take good care of calamansi tree such as watering it with adequate water to improve the trees growth. Applying fertilizer rich in magnesium, nitrogen, iron and zinc to improve leaves and helps to bloom more flowers and fruits and prevent yellowing of the leaves. And pruning the tree to remove some poor branches.

Taking good care of calamansi can be done in many ways. You don’t need to do advance method or use any other great tools to use you might think but rather stick to the basic. Basic are the things you know and what you need to do is do it in a stable way. Be consistent and have patience in caring for calamansi tree.

Temperature and Sunlight

Calamansi tree grows well in tropical and sub-tropical countries. Meaning calamansi loves more sunlight. For smaller seedlings or tree aging 1month to 3 years it requires atleast 4 hours of sunlight. It requires to get atleast 6 hours of sunlight for the bigger size tree aging 3 to 5+ years.

More sunlight will improve calamansi overall growth. Some of the improveness that will happen are; the leaves will become green and produce more. Leaves – the leaves are the main worker of the plant. It has a capability of processing the sunlight into foods. It has a power to do that in the process of photosynthesis. When the sunlight hit the leaves, it will be converted into foods making the tree grows better. Also it helps the tree to produce more flowers and fruits.


calamansi tree feels hungry also and they need to get some food. To feed the tree you can plant it where it will get abundant sunlight. Sunlight is the main food of citrus so better to plant it in an open area. Also feed them by applying water. Water is essential to this tree to grow well. And also feed with a fertilizer rich in potassium which is good for fruiting. In those way you know how to take good care of calamansi.


calamansi loves water but apply it once or twice a week. Too much water causes to rot its roots. When the roots decay it will affect the whole tree and causes for it to die. You need to be careful in applying water. Heavy watering in a day but once in a week will be better. You need to water it 4 to 8 times in a month.


you need to apply fertilizer when the soil is not fertile. There are citrus fertilizer you can buy in the market which will help to the growth of the tree. You can apply fertilizer to grow leaves, to have better branches, for blooming of flowers or for fruiting. This is how you can take good care of the calamansi tree.

Mineral Deficiencies

when the soil has an alkaline deficiencies, you need to apply iron or zinc. This way you can improve the soil which is how you care for the growth of the calamansi tree. How to know of the soil has deficiency, the leaves of it is color yellow and has a green veins. You can directly apply fertilizer on the soil.


the objectives of pruning for calamansi tree is to remove some dead and damage branches and make the tree looks shorter. When it has a crowded branches you need to trim some of those branches to make it grow better. It will looks clean and few weeks it will produce fresh and new branches. Pruning is a way on how to take good care of calamansi tree.

What happen if I don’t apply water the calamansi?

It will grow as normal but not better. The leaves of it might turn to yellow and dry. Some of its branches will be smaller and low flowering and fruits will be happen. Especially when you are growing calamansi in the pots.

Well containers are too small in size. And when you put it indoor and it doesn’t get enough water it will decay. So you need to water it at least once a week to grow better. You can put the pots outside where it can get sunlight and also rain water. Rain water will be helpful if you travel for a few days or weeks.

Thank you for reading this article about how to take good care of calamansi tree. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.