What Are Mango Showers?

what are mango showers

There are people eats fruit and they find it delicious. Eventually they have an idea to grow them at their home. Having experience in growing vegetables, plants or trees will help mangoes grow. The tree can be grown through seeds but it will takes time before it bears fruit, buying sapling is much better. Then it needs water, sunlight, fertilizer, care from pest and diseases and maintenance. There are natural occurrences happening that help the fruits ripe like mango showers. But what are mango showers?

The mango tree blooms and after a few weeks it turns into fruits. The small mango fruits are form. But not all of these fruits will stay, some of them will drop. Its natural that few of them will drop but too much might be there is something wrong with the tree.

What Are Mango Showers?

Mango showers is a colloquial term when pre-monsoon rainfall happens. Other terms are April rainfall and summer shower. The showers help to the ripening process of mangoes and prevent fruits drop prematurely. This is happening during the month of March to May in South and Southeast Asia, India and Cambodia. In India its common in the States of Kerala, Karnatana, Goa and some parts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

Why Do Mango Showers Occur?

It happens because its a natural events. Its hard to predict when it will happen. Even meteorological department hard to predict mango showers. But the monsoon can cause it to happen.

Monsoon is the change of wind direction on a particular region and it causes a rainfall during summer season or dry spell. It is usually happening in India and Southeast Asia. The location is the main reason why those area experience monsoon. Not all parts of the globe experience it.

Benefits Of Showers To Mango

When there is a mango showers, it help the mango fruits to prevent dropping prematurely. Some fruits of the mango drop and stop growing. Its common to see some of the fruits fall but because of mango showers, it prevents them to drop off the tree.

Sometimes when seeing there are small fruits fall on the ground, growers might think there is a problem with the tree. Some reason why they fall are its natural, watering problem, improper fertilization, disease and pests.

Those are might be a factor why it falls but commonly its natural. There are many kinds of trees in which some of their fruits are dropping. You cannot control them to fall but still you will have fruits to harvest on your tree in no time.

Also the mango showers will help to the ripening process of the fruit. When the fruits are bigger enough and already mature, the mango showers help them to ripen faster. More fruits will be harvested are coming.

Ripe mango fruits are delicious to eat. They are sweet and have great taste. There are many varieties of mango and if you are growing one you can pick and eat them sooner. Knowing what are mango showers is a good idea.

What If There Is No Mango Showers?

If there is no mango showers the tree will just be fine. It will still bloom and produce fruits. In order for the tree to have more flowers and fruits, it should gets enough sunlight, water and proper fertilization before its blooming and fruiting season.

Mango trees grow in tropical climate. It likes more sunlight to grow bigger and healthier. Grow them in open space where it can gets around atleast six hours of direct sun. Watering will also help them grow well. Give the tree just enough water, because too much might cause yellowing of leaves. Also improving the soil content will make them grow taller and produces flowers and fruits. Pest and diseases can also affect the tree. Controlling them will help to make the tree stays healthy.

Don’t depends upon on the mango showers to get more fruits. Its about how the tree is nourish. If the tree stays healthy and strong, it can produce more yields. There are more fruits to be harvest soon.

Mango Showers Occur In Which Indian States?

It occurs in the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

Those are some informations about what are mango showers. The mango showers really help the mango to prevent dropping fruits and help ripening them. But it doesn’t happen as always and the best thing is make the tree get its basic needs.

Growing mango before it fruits take a little bit time. But when it do, its really worth the wait.