How Many Mangoes Per Tree?

how many mangoes per tree

Mango trees usually grows in tropical countries. The tree loves tropical climate due to the fact that more sunlight is needed by the tree. Sunlight helps the tree growth, produce more flowers and fruits. It needs atleast six hours of sun but more hours is better. When the tree reaches its maturity stage it will begin to bloom and eventually produce fruits. But do you know how many mangoes per tree?

The number of mango fruits the tree produce will depends on many factors. There are around 500+ varieties of mango. Each of the varieties have their own characteristics. They have their own similarities and also differences. Some of the factors that might affect to the yield of mango are; tree age, variety, fertilization, watering, sunlight and health condition.

How Many Mangoes Per Tree?

On average its around 200 to 300 mangoes per tree aging 10 to 20 years old but some mango trees can go around 400 to 600 and 1000-3000 for trees aging 20 to 40 years. There are many factors to consider to determine the yields per tree. Some trees produce less some are producing more. The taste of them are also different. There are trees that bear less but producing quality fruits.

The mango tree usually bears fruit after 5 years but it is also possible for the 3 to 4 years old tree to produce fruits around 10 to 20. Its hard to find out the number of fruits the tree will produce but here are some factors to consider.

Why People Wants To Know The Average Mangoes Per Tree?

For Business

There are many fruit growers that made mangoes as their business. They want to know the number of fruits the tree will produce to calculate how much they can earn or how much they will sell it. In that way they will have a guide for estimated price or earning.

Growing mangoes for business need some investment to buy seedlings, fertilizer, pesticides and maybe use to some labor. Those things are needed to assure that the tree will grow better and produce more fruits. But do they have a guarantee that they will get back the money they invested?

When they know the yields of mango they can have from a single tree they will be aware if the business will be good. Counting the number of fruits multiply to number of trees will give them the total amount of fruits they can have during harvest time. After selling them all, they will know if they earn or not. No one wants to make a business just to lose. Everyone who makes a business wants to be successful. That is why they want to know the number of fruits.

Food Purpose

Some people grow mangoes at their backyard for food purpose. They want to know how many fruits they can get from mango tree so that they have an idea what to do during harvest time. They can use it to mix on salad or make fruit juices. They can also use it for baking. Others eat them unripe with salt. The ripe fruit is sweet and nutritious. It makes the body healthy because it contains many vitamins and minerals.

Number of Mangoes Per Tree Factors


There are over 500 varieties of mango. They have their own size, shape, color, sweetness and many other related stuff. Since there are many kinds of tree, the number of yields will be different compare to other varieties. One way to know the average fruits per tree is to compare to other trees with the same kind, near place. If you compare to other countries, it might be different because of the location, climate, soil type and other factors. Knowing how many mangoes per tree is good to know.


If the tree receives a good amount of fertilizer then it can produce more fruits than tree with no fertilizer. Trees need nutrients to grow more fruits and make them bigger in size. It will help to the overall growth of the tree, more branches, leaves, bigger size roots, flowers and fruits.


Younger tree will produce less fruits than older one. There are more fruits when the tree is 15 to 20 years old because it is their prime time. It is their peak and abundant harvest can be expected during those years.

Health Condition

Its common for the plants, vegetables and trees to have a problem. The pest and disease causes tree stress. You need to control those pest and disease to make tree stays healthy.


The tree needs sunlight to produce it foods. Atleast six hours of direct sunlight is excellent for their growth. Growing this in a shaded area should be avoided. Also if the sunlight is block by a thing you need to make an adjustment.


Watering the tree should be careful. Don’t over water the tree to prevent yellowing of leaves and stress. The right amount is fine.

How Many Alphonso Mangoes Per Tree?

There are around 250 alphonso mangoes for 10 year old tree. Alphonso mango is one of popular variety that taste good. There are many people loves eating them.

Mangoes generally takes around 100-150 days from flower to fruit. The 3 to 5 months is needed for the tree to mature. After that the harvesting season will come. Usually the mangoes are harvested during summer season.

Those are some informations about how many mangoes per tree grows. Knowing the number of fruits you can have during harvest time is great.