Can Calamansi Be A Substitute For Lemon?

can calamansi be a substitute for lemon

There are citrus fruits that taste sweet like an orange, but there are also taste sour like lime, lemon and calamansi. These fruits can be use to make juice which is good for our health. They are many other uses for these citrus fruits especially in cooking. It can be use for marinade or to make juice. Citrus have many kinds and they have differences, but can calamansi be a substitute for lemon?

About Calamansi And Lemon

Calamansi and lemon are both citrus fruits. They have their own distinctive taste. They are both sour but they contains vitamin c. The vitamin c is important to have a strong immune system. These fruits are different to each other and they are not the same. The lemon fruits are bigger compare to calamansi.

Can Calamansi Be A Substitute For Lemon?

Yes, calamansi can be a substitute for lemon. Calamansi taste a little bit bitter and sour. This can be use to marinade meat products or use to make juices. People loves to drink fruit juices for relaxation and for better health and also some of them likes sour taste. Even though calamansi is different from lemon, it can be a good alternative.

There are people go for hunt and they are finding for mud crabs. After that they make fire and then cook the crabs. Then crabs are already cook but they forget to bring lemons to make sauce. Instead of lemon they bring calamansi. Calamansi can be use to make sauce for their crabs. The juice will makes it taste good.

There are many kinds of meat dishes. Some of them use lemon juice to marinades the meat. They do that because it makes the meat more delicious. Some other ingredients are being mix to make it perfect. But what if you don’t have lemons, is calamansi a good alternative? Well yes, you can us calamansi as an alternative to marinades your poultry meat.

Soaking meat products to citrus juice like lemon or calamansi is good. It will adds flavour to the meat. After leaving it their for a couple of minutes or hours, the meat is ready. After cooking it, good flavour will be taste.

Does Calamansi Taste Like Lemon?

The taste of calamansi is like the mixture of lemon and lime. It is quite similar but you can easily determine the difference. They are both high in citric acid. The calamansi tastes a little bit bitter and sour. But it is nutritioush to consume because of its vitamin c content.

Is Lemon And Calamansi The Same?

No, lemon and calamansi are not the same. But they are both nutritioush fruit and can be use to make juice drinks, sauce, marinades and other stuff.

There are also some other differences between the two like the lemon fruit is bigger from calamansi. The shape is oblong with pointed tips for lemon and calamansi fruits are round. But they are both have thorns on their branches and bark.

Calamansi Juice Substitute

What is an alternative to calamansi juice? A mixture of 3 parts of lemon and 1 part of orange is a good substitute. The taste will looks similar. You can enjoy it whatever is your purpose. Looking for alternative is done if we don’t have calamansi fruits available.

Alternatives For Lemon

Some of the good alternatives for lemon are lime, orange and calamansi. You can use them to make juices. They contains vitamin c and other nutritional value.

Can You Grow Calamansi Instead Of Lemon?

Yes, you can grow calamansi instead of lemon. The calamansi and lemon can bear fruits around 3 to 5 years. You need to know first if the tree is suitable to your location, if yes then proceed. You can grow the tree from the seed but if you want to have fruits faster then buy sapling instead.

The tree needs is just the same to the lemon as it also needs sunlight, water, fertilizer and maintenance. When the tree reach its maturity stage it will starts producing flowers and eventually fruits.

Those are some informations about can calamansi be a substitute for lemon. Calamansi can be an alternative and it will be fine. The taste maybe a little bit differ but the contents are looks similar since they have citric acid and vitamins especially c.

People have their own prefer fruits but sometimes when the fruits are not available they look for some alternative. Those alternative will works fine but a little bit differ to what prefers. Its great to eat fruits.