Pruning a Calamansi Tree

Pruning a Calamansi tree

Pruning shears are use to prune a plant or a tree. This tool varies in sizes, colors and prices. Pruning helps the plant to grow better. It will produce more leaves, flowers and fruits. There are many plants and trees to prune like for example, Pruning a calamansi tree.

Pruning a calamansi tree helps the plant to improve its growth. Trimming some of its branches helps them to grow better and produce more flowers and fruits. Pruning your calamansi tree gives you abundant harvest all year round.

Calamansi belongs to citrus family. It is being cultivated widely around the globe but it is predominantly grown in the Philippines. This has a sour taste and commonly mixed to food. Growing this fruit tree needs some things to remember.

There are essential things to learn in growing this citrus fruit tree like how to prune calamansi. Well doing this task will help to improve its growth and the overall productivity. But it is different compare to other plants or trees, so pruning calamansi tree have many things to take note, but. Here are some guide in pruning a calamansi tree.

Trimming Young Calamansi Tree

Calamansi trees definitely need less pruning but it doesn’t say that it is not applicable to young citrus. Pruning is applicable to all citrus ages whether it is young or old. In some sources it is really recommended to prune young calamansi trees. It will promote better growth and shall remove those sprouts and weak limbs. Trim those weaker limbs and the plant will grow better.

Pruning Calamansi Trees

Remove those dead branches and weak limbs and also those mature trees sprout. Obviously, they will not help to the growth of the citrus tree. It may cause some problem so you need to remove them.

For example, dead branches are not producing leaves and fruits in that particular area. When the water and nutrients coming from the soil transfer to all parts of the plants, the dead branches might still get some of those but it will not help anymore to the plant. So in order for the nutrients to transfer to the rest parts of the tree you need to cut them.

Also some limbs and branches that show signs of diseases might affect to the overall productivity of the tree. Pruning is beneficial to the tree and it will show you the better growth sooner.

What is the best time to prune?

When it comes to what time to do it, it is recommended 1 month before summer. And do not do it during summer. Well temperature is higher when the season change. Summer have the peak increase in degree temperature and it will affect the plants.

Summer is different across in many countries but lets have some example. Supposed to be May is summer season in one country. So you can prune calamansi during February and April because in those months temperature still good.

Too much sunlight are harmful to them for example you prune it during summer and they have open pores on their branches. Those water inside the stem might evaporate because of those open areas so it is better to avoid trimming during summer season.

Removing sprouts are allowed but you should stop it when month of November and January came. Those sprouts can help the tree in protecting the whole tree from cold weather. They serve as barrier to cold and help them to grow better in cold days.

Bark is important

Don’t let the tree to have sun-exposed branches especially during sunny day. Too much sunlight can burn the tree branches therefore you need to put some protection in to it especially after pruning.

Pruning Style

Sprouts are very easy to remove put and it doesn’t required too much effort and any heavy tools, simple tools are good enough. When those sprouts are too young, you can just use your bare hands in removing them.

Take note that young sprouts are easier to remove than older ones. Also use pruning shears or looper in removing branches, and use tree sow in trimming those big branches as they are hard to remove.

The main objectives of pruning is to remove excess, diseased and dead branches. Whenever you see dead branches from the calamansi tree, remove them. How to know if branches is dead. Using a knife, scape off a little strip of the bark and see if it is green, it means it is alive. But when color brown its definitely dead branch.

Tools to use

Usually you need to use pruning shears. There are different types of it and it varies in size, colors, price and so on. But if you want to look for the best, here is the best pruning shear that may help you better in growing this tree just try to look in to it.

Benefits of Pruning

When you prune some stem and branches of the calamansi, it will produce new and healthier ones. Removing those dead branches makes the tree more healthy and it will grow better. It will also blooms more flowers and it will turn into fruits. Also pruning keeps the tree short. It will not grow higheir but still it will produce more harvest.

This is just a simple guide on how to prune calamansi.

Thank you for reading this article about pruning a calamansi tree. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.