How Tall does a Calamansi Tree Grow?

How Tall Does a Calamansi Tree Grow

Height of trees varies. There are many trees grows bigger and higher and also smaller. Some fruit trees grow and spread their branches wider. But, talking about tree here is calamansi, so. Let’s try to know how tall does a calamansi tree grow.

The calamansi tree is about 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 m) tall. The tree is smaller when young and taller when older. Calamansi tree grows well in a place where it gets more sunlight. More nutrients and adequate water will help it to grow faster.

In growing calamansi, it will grow taller in an open area. When the calamansi gets more sunlight, it will become more healthy and the branches will spread wider. Know some information about height of calamansi.

Factors of having a tall calamansi

In general calamansi can grow about 3 to 6 meters tall. This is the standard and the tree will grows between those measures but here are some factors why calamansi grows taller.


The sunlight is the major foods of calamansi. When the sunlight hits the leaves of the tree, it will undergo to the process of photosynthesis. This process is converting the sunlight into foods.

When the calamansi gets enough sunlight, all the parts will benefited. In fact more sunlight will help the trees to produce more flowers. Those flowers will turn into fruit reasons in having abundant harvest in all year round.

Getting more foods help the tree to grow its bark and branches. The size adds every month and continues to grow bigger. So it is better to grow calamansi in open area where it can gets more foods. That is the first one that will help you to know how tall does a calamansi tree grow.


Water is the life blood of every plant. But in terms of calamansi tree, it doesn’t need much more water. Too much water can cause to develop Phytophthora root rot. It is a disease that cause the calamansi tree to rot its roots.

When the tree have Phytophthora, it will lead to a poor growth and most parts will be affected. So you need to water it in a right way. How to do that? You can apply water to the calamansi atleast once or twice a week. Apply more water on those days.

The tree will grow taller when adequate amount of water is applied. You can use some gardening tools to do it like sprinkler or water hose. It will help you to move easier.


Fertilizer also helps the tree to grow taller. When you see how tall does a calamansi tree grow in your garden and it looks like smaller than what you expect, maybe it is lack in nutrients.

Calamansi is a citrus and it is heavy feeders and sometimes they are not getting the right amount of nutrients they need. Mostly it need magnesium, nitrogen, zinc and iron.

Feeding the calamansi with a citrus fertilizer such as 10-15-15 spikes containing micro-nutrients can correct most of nutritional deficiencies. It needs some instruction from the nursery farm or agriculture center near your location.

Also you can use organic fertilizer as the best to use in gardening. Well it is eco-friendly and no chemical content. Well it will help you to analyze how tall does a calamansi tree grow.

Calamansi Heights: What to expect

1-2 years old – this can have a height of 1 meter tall. Well the tree is just few years old and it doesn’t grow well its parts like leaves, bark and branches. So you can expect this height.

2-4 years old – this can have a height of 1 to 3 meter/s tall. The plant parts improve and continues to widen its branches. The leaves also grow. During this years, it will start blooming flowers and also fruits.

5-10+ years old – 3 to 6 meters tall. You can expect this height as it grows better and most of the parts are develop. The increase of flowering and bearing of flowers will be expected in this years. You can harvest abundantly when you care it in best way.

Also when you grow calamansi and it has a smaller height, probably its because on the soil. When the soil doesn’t fit to the calamansi it will not grow taller. Loam and sandy soil will be best for calamansi. Also shaded area or shades will affect also the growth of the tree. You need to avoid planting it where the sunlight is block.

Thank you for reading this article about how tall does a calamansi tree grow. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.