Is Calamansi a Fruit or Vegetable?

Is Calamansi a fruit or vegetable

Is Calamansi a Fruit or a Vegetable?

There are many plants in the world. There are trees, flower and vegetable. Some of them are treating as a fruit and some of them are vegetable depends upon how they use it, but Is calamansi a fruit or vegetable? The answer is:

Calamansi is a fruit. This belongs to citrus family where it blooms flowers and fruits. The fruit of calamansi is round in shape, pale green when not ripe and color orange when already ripe. Calamansi is not a vegetable, it is a fruit.

In many aspects from its appearance, characteristics and nature why calamansi is a fruit. There are key points that will help.

How can you say that calamansi is a fruit?

In some details and information, those will help to determine the natureness of this plant. The calamansi is a fruit in many aspects. Here are some information to look for.

Stem and Branches

The calamansi stem and branches are woods. It has a hard stem, mainly the main stem. It is strong and cannot easily be cut. It is also in the form of wood and not in a vine form or anything else. Also the branches of this plant is in the form of wood. It is hard and it spread widely.

When you try to observe, most of the vegetables are soft. From the eggplant, okra, lettuces, swamp cabbage, string beans, bitter gourd or any vegetables there structure are soft, there whole body plant parts. Try to observe in your surroundings.

Mostly of the vegetable have a soft stem and branches. This can be easily to cut and damage unlike from fruits. The fruits have a stronger and woody structure. Thats some information that relates to the question “is calamansi a fruit or vegetable”.

Also fruits grow higher than the vegetables. It can grow a few meters unlike to vegetable that grows only a few inches or feet. Some of them like vines, grows longer but it needs some trellis or other plants to be higher.


Calamansi leaves cannot be eaten and it is hard but smooth in texture. If you compare it to the vegetables, mostly of them are being eaten. There are green leafy vegetable where the leave are being consume. But, yes not all vegetable leaves are being eaten and some of them are not.

But the main idea is compare it to other fruits. Their leaves are not being eaten also.


The calamansi bears fruits. Most of the fruits, you can eat it immidiately after pick. It is easy to remove the peel of this citrus and eat it. It taste sour but it is rich in vitamin c.

Unlike to vegetable for example eggplant. You cannot eat eggplant after you pick even it is already color purple. You need to cook it and then eat. This relates to the difference of vegetable and fruits which most of the fruits can be eaten raw immediately while vegetable needs to go in a process of cooking before you can eat it.


This fruit tree has a hard roots. Well if you try to compare it to the vegetables, usually vegetables have a soft and shorter roots. Most of them can be easily remove on the soil.

This is different compare to this fruit, it has a hard roots and it grows longer compare to them. The roots can grow bigger and it is hard to remove from the ground. You need some digging tools to remove it on the soil.


Well in terms of flower both vegetables and fruits bear flowers. Unlike to green leafy vegetable, they doesn’t bloom flowers. It is pure leaves which people consume.

Also as we a consumer, we tell that a plant is a vegetable when we cook it. Right? Mostly vegetable are being cook and serve. Unlike to those fruits, it is not being cook and it can be eaten raw. There are fruits even not ripe, can be eaten like mango.

Also if you try to imagine, would you like it to tell the word “calamansi vegetable”? Its not good to hear or to imagine that word but it is good to hear “calamansi fruit”.

The calamansi is usually being mix to the food because of its sourness and sometimes its use to make fruit juices.

The summary:
In standard bases, you can tell that a plant is a fruit mostly when it has a woody stem and branches. It bears flowers and fruits. It can be eaten raw and it doesn’t need to go in the process of cooking. Well, calamansi is a fruit.

Thank you for reading this article about is calamansi a fruit or vegetable. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.