7 Reasons Why Tree Planting Can Save Our World

Reasons Why Tree Planting Can Save Our World

Know why tree planting can save our world. The trees work in providing us with the things we need.

Every day, our world changes. The smoke coming from vehicles, the cutting of many trees, throwing of garbage everywhere and many things else affects our surroundings and causes an effect.

Those dirty things make our world worsen. If this continues and continues, our beloved earth might be in danger. Our life might be in trouble too. We need a change starting in ourselves. But change might be a super change to all of us, and we can save our world if that happens.

We can help to save our world. We can clean our backyards, the drainage canal, the rivers, and some waterways. Also, throwing garbage in a suitable place will be a great way. But one of the major help you can do is tree planting. Well, Tree planting has massive sound effects on our world, and here’s why.

7 Reasons why tree planting can save our world

1. Produces Oxygen

Trees can save our world by providing us with oxygen. Oxygen is an element that people and animals need. If there is no oxygen, how people and animals can breathe? It is not possible right now to produce oxygen using technology. Even our technology directly improves, but still, no technology can produce oxygen but only the trees.

Why can producing oxygen save our world? People will take the oxygen, and because of that, people can still live. They will be alive. People can make the world better. If people plant more trees, they can probably still protect and save our planet. The people give off the carbon dioxide, the trees get, and the trees give oxygen to the people.

2. Prevents Soil Erosion

Another reason is trees can prevent soil erosion. There are many mountains on our planet, and the trees have a function to hold the soil by their roots. So if there are many trees up there, the prevention of erosion can happen—the more trees, the more roots, the better.

How does soil erosion happen? Will soil erosion happen because of some factors? One is the rain; when the rain comes, the soil on the mountains will be wet. The soil will be softened, and it might go down. But if trees are on the mountain, it can be prevented as roots are powerful and stronger.

Another thing is soil erosion happens when there are no trees planted on the mountains. When rains come, the soil will soften quickly and go with the flowing water. They will go down.

Also, some people’s habits like cutting trees, mining, and other activities that might affect the mountains can cause soil erosion.

When soil erosion happens, the mountains will also be destroyed. The appearance of it will be changed. It is hard to put it in the same look as before, and it will be damaged when it happens.

So to prevent it, we need to plant more trees up there. Some stronger and bigger trees are recommended. If there are many trees, we can prevent erosion as well, and we can save our earth.

3. Prevents Floods

Another thing why planting trees can save our world is it can prevent floods. Well, the one major cause of floods is garbaged. For example, there is drainage or a river there. And there are many garbages floating on that. In that case, it might cause floods.

Well, the water will be stacked up, and the water cannot move. The tendency to have floods is high. We need to remove those garbages and throw them in a proper place. When there are no garbages on waterways, no floods will happen.

Another way is through the planting of trees. Well, trees have the power and capability to sip the water. When there is water, trees can get those water by using their roots. The water will go in a fast way. When there are many trees, floods can be prevented.

The more and bigger the trees, the better. We need to grow more and plant it in our yards or the forest, in the mountains everywhere. It has sound effects and good benefits to us and our society.

The trees can live for many years. Some trees have grown for almost 100 years. So if you grow trees, these can help the world in a lifetime. The prevention of floods can be possible.

4. Provide Foods and Habitat for Animals

Our planet earth will be alive if animals are living in this world. Animals live in land and water. Lions, for example, most of them live in forests. They are the king of all animals.

Even they are solid and intelligent, and they still need trees. The trees provide shade for them from the heat coming from the sun. They live under the tree and rest on it. The trees give them oxygen to breathe; they cannot live without it.

Birds eat fruits. The fruits are coming from the tree. When the tree grows more prominent, it will produce some flowers and eventually become a delicious fruit. The fruit is the food of the birds. Some birds are vegetarian in which they eat fruits and vegetables. So if there are no trees, they have no food.

Also, some birds are carnivores. Meaning they eat meat coming from other animals. But those other animals also live in the trees. Without the trees, the animals cannot live, and those carnivorous animals have no foods to eat. The habitat and the animals have an interrelated connection. They need a place to live for their nutrition and their living.

Also, we people need animals for meat. People serve it as food. They have some meat cans, and they process them in the factories, and that’s why people have some nutrition to it. Some animals like chickens and ducks also need some plants’ food.

For example, corn and rice are the main favorites of those animals. Even there are no trees, and it is still a plant that provides some benefits to people and animals.

5. Provides Food

Well, tree planting can save our world by giving us food. Many fruit trees bear fruits. These fruits are delicious to eat. We need them to survive in everyday life. For example, banana is a kind of fruit that can be eaten when ripe and can also eat when green and cooked like “pinakro.”

Well, pinakro is a kind of dish the main ingredient is green banana fruit. You will peel the green banana fruit and then slice it vertically. Then make coconut milk and put it on a casserole. Then put all bananas and cook them. Once you are boiling, set some salt, and wait for a few minutes. Then serve it on a plate and put some sugar to taste.

There is another recipe also that uses banana fruit. You can also use it in making some fruit cake and also salad. Through tree planting, it will produce some fruits that people can eat. When they eat it, they will not feel hungry.

6. Used to Make Medicine

Another way why tree planting can save our world is because trees can be used as medicine. There are processes in converting the fruit into a tablet, capsule, or liquid medicine that help people, especially children, take it.

When you have a liquid medicine, and you need to give it to a sick child, it is helpful if it has a taste of fruit. The fruit tastes sweet, and when they like it, they will not be afraid to take medicine anymore. It will make the children in better plays and will be happy.

Also, fruits are used to make some vitamins. Well, mainly fruits are being converted into vitamins because we know that the fruit trees have many vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A to Z. They have some sugar content that produces a delicious taste in our tongue.

Liquid, capsule, and table medicines are being made to preserve those fruits with vitamins. Those vitamins can be intake even it is being stored for more than a month and even a year. It can last longer, and you can take it even furthermore. And you will be healthy.

It can help people and animals because when we are sick, we can take those medicines to be healthy and cure our illnesses. When we are healthy, we can do anything in our best mode, and it will be faster to do that specific task or activity.

7. Gives us Shade

Another way why tree planting can save our world is because it gives shade to people. Those bigger and higher trees have wide branches that shade those areas under them. When the sun shines brightly, the sunlight will hit, and because of the broader branches with leaves, the areas under it are shaded.

People love the shade and want fresh air. Fresh air makes people healthy as it will make the respiratory better. We don’t want to have some diseases in our lungs, and the trees can give us fresh air while we can feel relaxed under it.

You can also make a hut under it, and it will be more relaxed in the day and even at night. When you sleep under a tree, you will feel happy and very okay as your body is relaxed and also your mind. You can also hear the sound of the swaying of the leaves and the winds that hit the branches of the trees. It is great to know the reasons why tree planting can save our world.