Lifespan of Rice Plant: How Long Does It Live?

lifespan of rice plant

Knowing what is the lifespan of rice plant is great to know. Not all gardeners grow rice plant. Commonly rice is being grown in the field. It grows well in muddy place and like more water. Some gardeners grow other plants like vegetables, flowers, herbs and more.

Lifespan of Rice Plant

The lifespan of rice plant is around 4 to 5 months (120 to150 days). There are many stages of rice plant growth. This plant started from a seed and continues to grow. Those stages take some weeks and its part of the rice plant growth. It has shorter lifespan compare to other plants because after the harvesting period the plant slowly stop growing and the growers wait for some weeks to grow another rice plants again.

Trees have longer lifespan compare to rice plant. Most of the trees have longer life expectancy because their structures are way bigger and takes some time to develop and produce flowers and fruits. Small plants have shorter lifespan and take only some months or a year before they stop growing. Every plants and trees are different but they are really helpful to us to live.

Rice is being grown around the world. The rice is rich in carbohydrates which is good to have a source of energy what our body needs. People eat rice before they go to school or work. It makes them strong because of carbohydrates contain which produces energy in order for the body to move and functions well.

Lifespan of Rice Grains

The lifespan of rice grain can last up to 4-5 years when properly stored. It can also last for 30 years when stored in oxygen-free containers. There are some great ways to store the rice that can last long. Storing food is important so that people can have some food to eat in the following years to come. There are times that bad weather comes and destroy lots of crop. When the crops are damage it will have less supply of foods, so storing some will be good in some point. It is great to know what is the rice plant lifespan.

Life Cycle of Rice


The first life cycle of rice is starts from germination. The tiny rice grains started to produce small root and little leaf. They come out from the seeds and start their journey. The rice seeds are germinating around five to 10 days. It’s the same compare to other plants that takes only few days before the roots emerged followed by roots.

Early Vegetative Stage

During the early vegetative stage the rice grows more roots and leaves. The plant grows taller and becomes bigger. Few weeks after germination, it improves their height and more green leaves show on the plant. It is the stage where the plant needs fertilizer to improve their overall growth. Water is also very important to rice plants to thrive well.

Late Vegetative Stage

During this period the rice plants continue to grow and become more develop. They are bigger and lots of leaves and they are mature. They are going to produce grains sooner. The rice plants have longer stem and lots of green leaves can be seen on the field. The flowers are going to emerged in a few weeks to come.

Reproductive Stage

The next life cycle of rice plant is the reproductive stage. It’s a great phase because during this time the rice plant starts to produce flowers. The flowers are the part that becomes grains when they are fully mature and develop. Farmers are happy during this time because it’s just a few months to come and they are going to harvest rice. A good harvest will come when the weather becomes good and no other things will damage the plant.

Ripening Stage

After the flowering stage, flowers are going to form into grains. Those grains are color green at first but it continues to grow bigger and develop and then changes its color to yellow. The grains are ripe when they are fully yellow and ready to harvest very soon. Usually when the rice grains are ripe its leaves also change the color to yellow. It’s great that after a few months of waiting the rice are ready to harvest.

Those are some information’s about the lifespan of rice plant. The rice plant lifespan is just short around four to five months (120 to 150 days). Also there are some stages of growth which takes some time but it’s really important for the plant.