How Many Cantaloupes Grow Per Plant?

hw many cantaloupes per plant

Do you wonder how many cantaloupes per plant? If you are growing this plant for the first time you will wonder how many fruits you will get from a single plant.

It will be exciting to see cantaloupes growing on the plants. If you plant to harvest more fruits then try growing more plants.

So, how many cantaloupes grow per plant?

How Many Cantaloupes Per Plant?

A single cantaloupe plant can grow around 4 to 8 cantaloupes. That is a good number of fruits to have throughout the growing season.

Most gardeners only leave 2 to 4 fruits on the plant. If you are going to let the plants grow more fruits on the plant, some of them will not grow big.

The fruits will be competing for the nutrients, energy coming from the sun, and water.

When there are many cantaloupes on the plant, most of them will not grow to the max.

That is why most of the gardeners cut those other fruits and just leave only a few fruits.

By leaving only a few fruits on the plant, you can maximize their size. You will have big cantaloupes when harvesting comes.

It also depends upon you, if you want more fruits but smaller in size, you can let those fruits grow on the plant.

But if you prefer big fruits then do some fruit thin to maximize the fruit size.

Also, you need to make sure that the plants are getting enough water, sunlight, and nutrients to make the plants thrive well and increase fruit size.

How Many Pounds Of Cantaloupes Per Plant?

On average, a single cantaloupe fruit weighs 3 pounds (1.36 kg). So if you will have 4 cantaloupes per plant, you will have 12 pounds (5.44 kg).

That fruit weighs more if they grow big. When the fruits grow big, there will be more serving to be made.

When you have more big cantaloupe fruits, many people can eat the fruit. The cantaloupes are delicious and healthy which is good for the health.

Aside from that, growing plants are really enjoyable and can relieve stress which is great.

During the early stage, the plants are small but they continue to grow bigger as time goes by.

To have big and heavy cantaloupe, make sure that the plants are getting enough sunlight.

It is better to grow this plant in a well sunny place away from tall trees. Tall trees have a wide canopy which can block the sunlight away from your cantaloupes.

When everything is fine, you will see the growth of your cantaloupe plants, and sooner they will bear awesome fruits.

How Many Cantaloupe Plants Do I Need For A Family Of 4?

You need 4 to 8 cantaloupe plants for a family of 4. A single cantaloupe can produce 4 big fruits which are enough for a single person.

And if all members of the family will grow 2 plants each, you will have a good harvest to come.

It will make the harvest consistent and a little bit stable. Depending on the purpose you will enjoy growing cantaloupes at home. 

If each plant will bear 4 fruits, then if you plant 8 cantaloupe plants you will harvest 32 fruits.

It is nice to see if you have a good land space at home you can grow those number of cantaloupe plants.

You can sell cantaloupes if you have a little bit of big land space and you are able to grow a lot of plants. The more plants you grow the more potential fruits you can harvest.

It is amazing to grow cantaloupes at home and it will be a good source of food and also income.

How To Increase Yield Of Cantaloupes?

How many cantaloupes do you get per plant? If the fruits of the cantaloupes will grow to the fullest until harvesting, you can get more fruits.

But there are possible factors that can affect the plants which can lead to low yield.

If you want to increase the harvest you will get on cantaloupe plants, you need to protect the plants against pests and diseases.

Insecticidal soap is one of the most common use to control pests on plants. By keeping the plants safe against pests and diseases you can have more fruits on the plant.

Make sure the plants are getting enough water. 1 to 2 inches of water is needed by the plant. They need more water especially when the weather becomes hotter.

If rainfall is available you don’t need to water the plants. The rainfall will be enough for the cantaloupe to thrive.

Cantaloupe is self-pollinating and they can pollinate themselves. But if there are no bees, you can do hand pollination.

Get the pollen from male flowers and transfer it to the female flowers.

Also, try growing more plants to harvest more fruits. If you have a good land spacing at home, why not grow more plants.

The seeds f cantaloupe germinate fast and you can have a good percentage of germinating seeds by buying seeds at garden centers or nurseries.

The seeds will germinate between 5 to 10 days. You can directly plant the seeds in the soil or you can grow the seeds in the seed tray first and do transplanting after.

When the plants mature and start producing fruits, you will feel happy and you can harvest a lot of cantaloupes.

Do You Need Two Cantaloupe Plants?

No, you don’t need two cantaloupe plants to get fruit. A single cantaloupe plant can produce fruits alone.

The cantaloupe is self-pollinating and they can bear fruits even if you have only 1 plant.

The cantaloupe has male and female flowers and fruits can be produced when female flowers are pollinated.

How To Increase Cantaloupe Fruit Size?

With consistent watering, abundant sunlight, and enough nutrients the cantaloupe fruits will grow big.

You can increase most of the fruits when the plants are getting their basic needs.

Another thing is fruit thinning can help to make fruits bigger. When there are only a few fruits on the plant, fruits get more energy which makes them bigger.

Also, remove grasses nearby. Grasses will compete with the plants for the nutrients in the soil.

To maximize the nutrients received by the plants, remove those grasses nearby.

Should I Pick The Flowers Off My Cantaloupe?

It depends on the plant. If the plants still have no fruits, you should not pick the flowers of the cantaloupe. Those female flowers will turn into fruits after.

But if there are lots of fruits already on the plant then you can pick the flowers of the cantaloupe. Fruit thinning can help increase other fruit sizes.


So, how many cantaloupes per plant? You can get around 4 to 8 cantaloupes per plant which can weigh around 12 to 24 pounds (5.44-32.64 kg).

There will be more cantaloupe fruits going to grow on the plant if you will give them enough water, and nutrients, and by planting them in a well sunny place the plants will be able to make more food.

At least 6 hours of sunlight is good for the plant but more sunlight is better for cantaloupes.