How Many Strawberries Per Plant?

how many strawberries per plant

Many people started growing strawberries in their homes. With a suitable climate, they are able to grow this plant.

If you are a beginner growing this plant, will you wonder how many strawberries grow per plant?

It will be exciting once the plant gets mature. And sooner the flowers will appear and then the strawberries will grow the next.

How Many Strawberries Per Plant?

A single strawberry plant will be able to produce 40 to 60 strawberries throughout the growing season.

Depending on the variety, climate, and how the plant has been cared for will be the factor in plant yield.

Some of the varieties of strawberries are June bearing, everbearing, and day-neutral.

You can grow from any of those strawberry varieties as long as it’s suitable to grow in your location.

Of those varieties, June bearing is one of the plants that bear more fruit and is of more quality.

It will be great to see more quality strawberry fruits through the growing period.

Strawberries are delicious to eat and if you love strawberries and they are suitable to grow in your location then start making a strawberry garden at your home.

With the right care, the plants will grow well and will give you a lot of fruits.

How Many Pounds Of Strawberries Per Plant?

A single strawberry plant can produce 1 to 2 pounds of strawberries throughout the year.

Some fruits will grow small and some will grow a little bit bigger. The yield can be affected depending on the variety, climate, pests, diseases, and other factors.

Protecting the plants against pests and diseases is needed so that you will achieve a good harvest.

Also, nutrients are needed by the plant to grow well. During the early stage, strawberry plants need more nitrogen to keep their leaves green and to improve plant growth.

Strawberry plants need more nitrogen to grow faster and bigger.

The plants also like to have more organic matter in the soil so try adding more compost.

How Many Strawberry plants Do I Need For A Family Of 4?

You need around 24 to 28 strawberry plants for a family of 4. You need to grow more plants to have a consistent and sustainable source of strawberries in the long run.

If you will plant fewer strawberry plants, there will be a time that you don’t have strawberries on your table.

If you and your family members want strawberries consistently, then all of you must grow more strawberry plants.

You will harvest more fruits if most of them will bear fruits in quite a similar time.

Instead of buying strawberries at the market, you will save time and you will definitely enjoy growing the plants at home.

If you will grow fewer plants, you will harvest fewer fruits. Each member of the family can grow around 10 strawberry plants.

If a single plant will bear 40 fruits, you will have around 400 strawberries throughout the growing season.

If you want to increase it more, you can grow additional plants in the containers or the space in your location.

How To Increase Yield Of Strawberry?

To increase the yield of strawberries, you need to make sure that the plants are getting enough hours of sunlight.

Each plant needs at least 8 hours of sunlight per day. They need more food to grow well. The leaves of strawberries will process that sunlight into food.

The more food the strawberry plants will get the faster they will grow and the better the yield will be produced.

More high-quality strawberry fruits will appear on the plant.

Aside from sunlight, nutrients play an important factor to have increase the yield of strawberries.

The plant needs more nitrogen. The plants need nitrogen to grow better. You can add more organic matter to the soil.

Also, the plants need 1 to 2 inches of water per week. When the temperature increases, they need more water to thrive well.

It is common to see gardeners use a drip irrigation system or soaker hose to keep their plants thriving.

Some pests and diseases will attack strawberry plants and you need to control them.

Pests and diseases can cause damage to the fruits which can reduce the yield you will get during harvesting.

You can use neem oil or insecticidal oil to control pests. By keeping the plants free from pests and diseases you can increase the yield of strawberry plants.

Why Are Strawberries Small In Size?

Some factors cause why strawberries to grow small in size. Weather can cause stress to the plant which causes them to grow smaller strawberries.

Too much heat can stress that plant which can lead to smaller fruits. Aside from the weather, grasses can also compete with the plant’s nutrients and water.

You need to remove grasses beside your strawberry plants so that all nutrients and water will go to the plant 100 percent.

When the strawberry and the grasses are competing against each other, your strawberry plant will bear small fruits because the energy is divided into two.

When there are grasses, the plants are not getting enough nutrients. Plants must get more nutrients to increase their fruit size.

To increase the strawberry’s sizes, you need also to prune some runners. By pruning the plant can have more access to sunlight.

The plants will get more food when they have more access to sunlight which can help increase fruit size.

What If Strawberry Plants Do Not Produce Fruits?

If your strawberry plants are not producing fruits, you just need to wait for them to produce fruits.

When the strawberry plants are not producing fruits, it means that they are still too young. They need more time to mature and eventually produce fruits.

Strawberry plants are self-pollinating and they can produce fruits without the help of another plant or with pollinators.

You will see strawberries at the plant at the right time. Let the plant mature and sooner you will see a lot of strawberries on the plant.

Why Do Strawberry Plant Bear Less Fruits?

Lacking water, sunlight, weather condition, plants care, pests, and diseases can affect the plant which can cause fewer fruits.

You need to give adequate water and nutrients to make the plant thrive and give you the fruits that you expect.

Protect the plant against pests and diseases. When everything is fine and the plants are growing well, you can harvest more fruits from your strawberry plants.


So, how many strawberries per plant? The strawberry plants can produce 40 to 60 strawberries throughout the season.

A single plant can produce 1 to 2 pounds of fruits. If you are planning to have strawberries on your table most of the time you must grow 6 to 7 strawberry plants.

For a family of 4, you need 24 to 28 plants to have a stable and consistent source of fruits.

For a family of 5, you need 30 to 35 plants. It will be awesome to grow strawberries at home and save money. It will be fun to grow plants.