Why Are Cantaloupe Leaves Turning Yellow?

Cantaloupes are great to grow in the garden and it will take a few months and you will be able to harvest cantaloupes. But one problem that you may encounter is the yellowing of cantaloupe leaves which can lead to plants’ poor growth and lead less harvest. What are the causes why cantaloupe leaves turning … Read more

Cantaloupe Growing Stages: How Does It Grow?

cantaloupe growing stages

Cantaloupe Growing Stages. Cantaloupes (Cucumis melo) grow from seed and go into several stages of growth until their fruits are ready to harvest. The small seeds will sprout, grow, and eventually produce cantaloupes. But how this plant grows? Cantaloupe Growing Stages Stage 1. Seed The cantaloupe seeds’ characteristics are small, flat, have pointed tips on … Read more

How Many Cantaloupe Per Plant? (Yield)

how many cantaloupes per plant

Do you wonder how many cantaloupe per plant? Cantaloupes are a delicious and nutritious fruit that is enjoyed around the world. Growing your own cantaloupes can be a rewarding experience, but it’s important to understand the factors that affect the yield of the plants. How Many Cantaloupe Per Plant? The number of cantaloupes per plant … Read more