How Many Corns Per Plant?

how many corns per plant

Do you wonder how many corns per plant will you get if you grow corn at home? Growing a particular plant for the first time will be exciting.

You will wonder how the plant grows and how long it will take before harvesting. Corns usually being grown the field which have a lot of sunlight.

If you want to grow corn plants you need to make sure the plants will get enough sunlight to maximize the number of corn per plant.

How Many Corns Per Plant?

A single corn plant can grow around 2 to 4 corn. That is a good number of ears of corn to have throughout the growing season.

Find a good location where the corn plants will get enough hours of sunlight. When the plants are getting enough sunlight per day they will grow to the max.

Prepare the soil and once everything is fine you can now sow the seeds in the soil.

Corn seeds are directly planted in the soil. It is not being transferred like other plants.

You need to sow a lot of seeds in order to grow more plants which will lead to more ears of corn.

Plant the seeds around 1.5 to 2 inches so that the seeds will grow well.

Too deep and too shallow can cause inconsistent growth of the corn plant and low yield.

You will harvest more corn if you cared well about your plants and when the plants are getting enough water, sunlight, and nutrient.

Harvesting 100 Ears Of Corn

You can harvest 100 ears of corn in total if you are going to grow more corn seeds. One seed of corn will grow into a plant.

If you have high-quality seeds, you can turn those 100 seeds into 100 high-quality plants which can give you a good harvest.

If a single plant will be able to grow 4 corn then you need 25 plants to have 100 ears of corn.

An ear of corn contains a lot of seeds. If you harvest great corn, each one will contains 600 to 800 kernels.

If you have 100 great ears of corn you will probably get 60000 to 80000 kernels all in all.

That is a lot of corn seeds to have which you can prepare for cooking and consume with the family.

You can also increase the number of plants from 25 you can make it 50 corn plants.

If those 50 plants produce 4 ears of corn each then you will have 200 corn all in all.

Those 200 corns can produce 120000 to 160000 kernels/seeds.

You will have more corns to consume for a couple of weeks and even months.

How Many Corn Plants Do I Need For A Family Of 4?

24 to 48 corn plants are good for a family of 4. Each plant will produce 2 to 4 ears of corn which means you will harvest about 48 to 96 up to 192 ears of corn in total.

Each member of the family needs to grow 6 to 12 corn plants each.

Once you harvest those corns and get the kernels out of the cob you will get a lot of seeds.

It takes time to grow corn but it will be worth it to do. It tastes delicious and you can make different dishes with corns.

It is enjoyable to grow plants and it will be a stress reliever. You and your family will be happy and will enjoy the corns when harvesting comes.

Some gardeners sell their corns to earn some money. Growing this kind of plant is profitable.

Many people like to have some corn and they will buy corn at the market to have some food to eat.

How To Increase Yield Of Corns?

There are things you can do to increase the yield of corn. Selecting hybrid corns can give you a good corn yield.

Find good corn seeds that are suitable to grow in your location. Those kinds of corn will give you the harvest you really want.

There are some great seeds you can use to grow plants that are excellent and will produce more ears of corn and at the same time a good number of seeds per cob.

The second one is to practice crop rotation. You need to plan what you are going to plant first and change the plant for the next planting season.

By doing crop rotation the plants will benefit which can help them increase yield. Another thing is because of crop rotation some grasses are prevented to grow.

Grasses are the competitors of the plants for the water and nutrients in the soil. You can prevent grasses grow by doing crop rotation but if there are grasses you can use herbicides to control them.

Also, fertilizer rich in calcium, phosphorus, and potassium can increase the number of kernels per cob.

More seeds of corn will grow when the necessary nutrients are being get by the plant.

There are also times that birds eat corns. You need to keep an eye on your corn plants so that birds will not roam around your plants and eat the kernels.

When there are lots of birds attacking your corn plants, the yield you will get will decrease.

Also, corn plants should have a good spacing to produce more ears of corn and kernels.

The corn plants are wind-pollinated and when the plants are close to each other the pollination will be easier.

It will be great to grow corn of plants four or more in blocks to help plants be pollinated.

You will see more corns and a lot of kernels when pollination becomes successful.

Do You Need Two Corn Plants?

Yes, you need two or more corn plants to get ears of corn. The corn plant is wind-pollinated and they need more plants nearby to produce corn.

You will see that commonly corn plants are planted in blocks and consist of a lot of plants nearby.

When the wind blows, the pollen from a male flower is transferred to the silk of a female flower and the ear of corn will be produced once the pollination is successful.

You need more corn plants to produce plenty of corn.

How Many Corn Plants Per Acre?

Depending on the spacing in some cases growers grow 30000 to 35000 corn plants per acre.

If the spacing will be longer then the number of plants will decrease but if you will plant corn seeds with a little spacing, you can grow more plants.

Some farmers grow corn plants narrowly but it actually produces high crops. With the little spacing, pollination will happen because more flowers will pollinate other plants.

Corn plants planted close to other corn plants need more basic needs because they will compete for water and nutrients in the soil.

How Many Corn Plants Per 5 Gallon Bucket?

Grow one corn plant per 5-gallon bucket. You can increase the number of plants per bucket if you are going to use a bigger size container.

You can use nine 5-gallon buckets and place them close together to increase the pollination rate which will lead to a good harvest.


So, how many corns per plant? You can get around 2 to 4 corns per plant which is a good number.

When the corn plants are getting enough water, sunlight, and nutrients you can expect a good yield and plenty of kernels per cob.

At least six to eight hours of sunlight is good for the corn plants to grow better.