How Many Banana Peppers Per Plant?

how many banana peppers per plant

Do you wonder how many banana peppers per plant you will get in growing banana peppers in your garden?

Many people prefer spicy food. That is why some people start making a pepper garden at home.

Some growers have enough space and they grow peppers on the ground, but for some people, they grow peppers in containers which is fine as long as the plants are getting enough sunlight, water, and nutrients.

But if you are a beginner and you want to grow a variety of peppers like banana peppers you will probably wonder how many banana peppers you will harvest from a single plant.

How Many Banana Peppers Per Plant?

A single banana pepper plant can grow around 25 to 35 peppers. With a good growing condition and excellent care, a single plant can produce that number of pods.

Sometimes the actual yield can be more than that which will be great. The plant can produce up to 50 peppers or more when the plant grows excellent.

That is a good number of peppers to have throughout the growing season.

The banana pepper plant is required to have at least 6 or more hours of direct sunlight.

A lot of exposure to the sun will help the plant create more food which makes the plant grow faster and improve pods’ number and size.

You must grow the peppers in a well sunny place to help them grow fine.

Water is also important for the banana pepper plant’s growth. At least 1 inch of water is needed by each plant. But avoid overwatering to prevent root rot and some other problems.

Also, nutrients play an important role in banana pepper growth. Fertilize your plants and it will produce a lot of harvests very soon.

Harvesting 100 Banana Peppers

In order to harvest 100 banana peppers, you need to plant 3 to 4 plants, especially if a single plant will produce 25 to 35 pods each.

That number of banana pepper plants you need to grow is doable since the plant doesn’t grow that big and you will probably need a small spacing to grow those few plants.

You need to space the plants 18-24 inches apart to make them thrive well. With that distance, you can easily grow those 3 to 4 plants to harvest 100 pods.

If you don’t have soil to plant because all parts in your surroundings are concrete, you can just use containers or pots to grow banana peppers.

Grow one plant per container so that each plant will have enough room for its roots to grow and establish which will make them grow excellent.

You can easily harvest 100 banana peppers once those plants mature.

Harvesting 500 to 1000 Banana Peppers

To harvest 500 banana peppers you need to grow 14 to 20 plants especially if each plant will produce 25 to 35 pods, while you need 28 to 40 plants to harvest 1000 banana peppers.

If you have a garden with enough space you can absolutely grow those numbers of banana pepper plants. But if you are having limited space you need to use many containers to grow those plants.

You can also increase the number of plants by growing 50 banana peppers to harvest 1250 to 1750 pods all in all.

Those numbers of peppers are a lot and you and your family will definitely enjoy consuming them especially if you like spicy food. You can use those peppers to make the recipes you like.

You can even sell some of those banana peppers to earn some money.

How Many Banana Peppers Per Pound?

Approximately there are 6 banana peppers per pound. So if you will get 500 to 1000 banana peppers from your garden, you will harvest 83 to 167 pounds (37.6-75.7 kg) all in all.

Those are a lot of banana peppers to have and when you increase the number of plants you grow you can increase or even double the number of pods and the pounds you will harvest.

But usually, if you want to grow a lot of plants you must have enough space, and commonly business owners make this happen. They grow peppers and sell them at the market to earn money.

To harvest 10 pounds of banana peppers you need to grow 2 to 3 plants especially if a single plant will produce 25 to 35 pods each, while to get 20 pounds of peppers you need to grow 4 to 5 plants.

Depending on your purpose, you can grow a few or more banana pepper plants in your garden.

How Many Banana Pepper Plants For A Family Of 4?

You need to grow 12 to 20 banana pepper plants for a family of 4. A single banana pepper plant can produce 25 to 35 pods which are a little bit enough for a person.

Each person needs to grow 3 to 5 banana pepper plants to have a stable and consistent source of pods.

The banana peppers that you will be harvesting from your garden can be stored for a little bit a long time and you can prolong their shelf life by storing them well.

You can make a plan like a few peppers will be consumed during a week and then the next week and so on.

In that way, you will have peppers to consume in the long run. The family can save money from growing peppers in the garden instead of buying peppers from the grocery.

If you grow more banana peppers you will have more harvest and you can sell some of those harvests and earn some money.

Do You Need Two Banana Pepper Plants To Produce Peppers?

No, you don’t need two banana pepper plants to produce peppers. A single banana pepper plant can produce pods alone because it is self-pollinating.

The white flowers will show up on the plant once it becomes mature. Too young pepper plants can’t yet grow flowers.

You need to let the plant mature and then the flowers will appear, and those flowers will turn into peppers.

When the flowers are pollinated, the pods will start to grow and then will continue to increase in their size until they are totally matured.

Banana pepper plants can produce pods without the help of pollinators like bees.


So, how many banana peppers per plant? You can get around 25 to 35 banana peppers per plant. 1 cup of banana peppers weighs around 124 grams.

With good growing conditions and excellent care, you can get a lot of banana peppers on a single plant. In some cases, a single plant can produce more than the average pods.

Make sure the banana peppers plants are getting enough nutrients, water, and sunlight to make a good harvest happen especially if you really love peppers.

You will feel excited once the plant starts producing a lot of pods.