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Why Do Bell Pepper Leaves Turn Yellow?

Why do bell pepper leaves turn yellow? Bell pepper is not hot nor spicy. Many gardeners grow this plant due to its different characteristics compared to other peppers. Growing plants is challenging. It is not easy to grow a plant because many possible things might happen like pests and diseases that might attack the plant. […]

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7 Simple Steps in Planting Peppers

Today, learn the simple steps in planting peppers. The steps to growing this plant are easy. It grows faster when you follow the simple steps in planting peppers. So, what are the simple steps in planting peppers? To plant pepper, first prepare’s garden’s plot. Then, get quality pepper seeds and let them germinate on a […]

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8 Growth Stages of Peppers, Life Cycle

Today, know what are the growth stages of pepper, life cycle. Pepper grows in the garden. He is happy as he gets sunlight, water, and fertilizer. Some of its parts are healthy. He has bigger size leaves, a stronger stem, and bountiful peppers. But this little pepper has something to know, it’s the growth stages […]

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