How Many Cauliflowers Per Plant?

how many cauliflowers per plant

Do you wonder how many cauliflowers per plant you will get if you grow cauliflowers in your garden?

Cauliflower is a cool-season crop and if you have cool-season weather in your location you can definitely grow this plant.

The cauliflowers are good looking and they taste great. That is why some people start making a cauliflower garden at home.

For first-timers growing this plant, some of them will probably wonder how many cauliflowers they will get from one plant.

How Many Cauliflowers Per Plant?

A single cauliflower plant grows 1 cauliflower. The plant will not grow multi cauliflowers, that is why you need to increase the number of plants if you want to get more harvest.

After you harvest the cauliflower head, the plant will never grow cauliflower again. You need to plant a new plant to get cauliflowers.

You can harvest the plant head around 55 to 100 days depending on the variety.

There are many varieties of cauliflower and look for the most suitable one that grows well in your location to make the plant grow well and have a good yield.

How Many Pounds Of Cauliflower Per Plant?

On average, a single cauliflower weighs around 300 to 500 grams (0.66 to 1.1 pounds). But there are times that it can go around 800 grams (1.76 pounds).

For your cauliflowers to weigh heavy, you need to make sure that the plants are getting enough nutrients for them to thrive.

Soil rich in nutrients will help increase the size of the flowers which leads them to weigh heavily.

Aside from that water is important for the plants’ growth to grow fast and helps them build all other plant parts.

Also, if you really want more pounds of cauliflower you can increase the plants you grow in that way you will get more cauliflowers which leads to harvesting more pounds.

Harvesting 100 Cauliflowers

If you want to harvest 100 cauliflowers you need to grow 100 plants. Each plant only produces 1 cauliflower head and it doesn’t grow multiple heads.

100 plants quite seems a lot and you really need a good spacing for this.

If you don’t have enough spacing to grow all these plants you need to make a plan and schedule how many plants you will grow in one season and the next season.

In that way, even if you divide the number of cauliflowers you grow you can still achieve 100 cauliflowers in your garden.

Harvesting 500 To 1000 Cauliflowers

If you have a big farm and want to harvest 500 to 1000 cauliflowers then you need to grow a lot of plants.

Since each plant only produces 1 cauliflower, you need 500 plants to harvest 500 cauliflower heads and 1000 plants to harvest 1000 cauliflower heads.

Those are a lot of harvests to have but it will be challenging to grow all those plants.

You need to hire workers to keep those plants healthy and safe from pests and diseases.

You cannot handle all those 500 to 1000 plants at the same time.

Selling all those cauliflowers will give you money.

How Many Cauliflower Plants Do I Need For A Family Of 4?

You need to grow 8 to 20 cauliflower plants for a family of 4.

A single cauliflower can only produce 1 big cauliflower head which can only produce a little serving so you need to increase the number of plants you grow to increase the yield.

Each member of the family needs to grow 2 to 5 plants which are around 8 to 20 plants all in all.

When you have enough spacing you can grow all those plants in your garden. But if you have a limited spacing you can only grow a few of those plants.

But assuming you have a good garden space then start growing plants to have a source of food for the family.

You will save money if you will grow plants instead of buying cauliflowers from the store.

The cauliflowers will mature very soon and it will give you a lot of flowers when harvesting comes.

By increasing the number of cauliflower plants, the family will enjoy consuming it a couple of times.

If you have a large field you can make a cauliflower farm and sell those cauliflowers to earn money.

Can You Increase The Yield Of Cauliflower Per Plant?

No, you cannot force the plant to produce more than one cauliflower head. The plant only produces one cauliflower and it will not produce a second one.

That is why if you really want to increase the production of cauliflower you need to increase the number of plants you grow.

For example, if you want to harvest 10 cauliflower then you really need to grow 10 plants.

One cauliflower head will grow on each plant which will give you 10 cauliflowers.

Depending on the variety some cauliflowers can be harvested much earlier while some will take some time to mature.

Do You Need Two Cauliflower Plants To Produce Cauliflower?

No, you don’t need two cauliflower plants to produce cauliflower. A single cauliflower plant can produce a plant head alone.

Pollination is not required for the cauliflower head to grow on the plant. The bud will grow on the plant and it will turn into a flower after.

The only time the plant needs pollination is when you want to save and harvest cauliflower seeds.

Letting the plant and the flower mature will give you a lot of seeds that you can use to grow plants again in the next growing season.

How To Increase Cauliflower Size?

When the cauliflower plant receives enough nutrients, sunlight, and water the plant’s head will grow bigger.

The energy coming from the sun will help the plant increase the flower size because the energy from the sun will be used by the plant to make the plant grow better and make the flower larger. 

The plant must receive its need regularly to thrive well and produce an excellent yield.

Also, remove grasses nearby so that no grasses will compete with the plant for the nutrients and water in the soil.

When there are grasses near the plant the nutrients will be divided which makes them not grow to the max.


So, how many cauliflowers per plant? You can only get 1 cauliflower head per plant which can weigh around 300 to 500 grams, some varieties can weigh around 800 grams per head.

You cannot force a cauliflower plant to produce more than one cauliflower per plant. That is why if you want more cauliflower heads you need to grow more plants.

It is one plant to one cauliflower ratio but since a single plant produces a lot of seeds, you can absolutely grow a lot of plants.

Just make sure that the plants will get enough water, nutrients, and sunlight to have bigger and great cauliflower heads.