How Many Beetroots Per Plant?

how many beetroots per plant

Do you wonder how many beetroots per plant you will get in growing beetroots in your garden?

There are many crops you can grow but if you have cool-season weather in your location you can absolutely grow beets.

This plant needs at least 50 to 75 days to mature so you can harvest it a little bit quicker than other vegetables that need 80 to 120 days to harvest.

If you are a beginner growing this plant you will be curious about how many beetroots you will get from one plant.

How Many Beetroots Per Plant?

A single beet plant will grow only 1 beetroot. With good growing conditions and excellent care, a single plant will produce a good crop.

The number of yields from a single plant is only one and you need to grow more plants to achieve a lot of harvests.

The beet plant needs at least 50 to 75 days before you can harvest them. Some varieties can be harvested as early as 40 days like baby beets.

Beet plants need at least 6 hours of sunlight every day in order to produce food. The sunlight will hit the leaves and the leaves will convert them into food.

When the plant gets a lot of energy the beets will grow much bigger and will grow faster.

You also need to water the plant at least 1 inch of water every single week. When rainfall is available you don’t need to water the plant as additional water can overwater the plant which can cause root rot.

Also, fertilize the beet plants for them to thrive better. Use low-level nitrogen fertilizer like 5-10-10.

The phosphorus and potassium will help the plant produce much bigger roots which is great. 

The nitrogen will help the plant grow bigger leaves but your main focus is to get bigger beets so low-level nitrogen fertilizer is what you need to use.

Harvesting 100 Beetroots

In order to harvest 100 beets, you need to grow 100 beet plants since a single plant will only give you 1 beet.

That number of beet plants you need to grow is a little bit hard to plant because you need to grow more plants and you need to have enough spacing.

If you have limited space in your garden you can only grow a few plants. Or you can use containers to grow some beet plants.

You will achieve to harvest 100 beets from your garden by repeatedly growing beets.

Harvesting 500 to 1000 Beetroots

To harvest 500 beetroots you need to grow 500 beet plants because each plant will only produce 1 beet, while you need 1000 plants to harvest 1000 beetroots.

If you have a garden with enough space you can absolutely grow that number of beet plants.

A few hundred of beets required enough spacing because those numbers of plants are a lot, it’s like a big farm of beets.

But if you are having limited space you can use many containers but you can only grow a few plants. It is hard to grow a few hundred beets grown in containers.

Even if you don’t reach 500 to 1000 beets planted in your garden, you can still grow some plants and give you enough sources of food.

You can use those beets to cook some food for the family. Aside from food, you can earn some money by selling some beetroots.

How Many Pounds Of Beetroots Per Plant?

One medium size beetroot weighs around 0.24 pounds (110 grams). So if you will get 50 to 100 beetroots from your garden, you will harvest 12 to 24 pounds (5500-11000 grams) all in all.

Those are lots of beets to have and when you increase the number of beet plants you grow you can increase or even double the number of beets and the pounds you will get.

To harvest 50 pounds of beetroots you need to grow 208 to 209 beet plants if a single plant will produce 1 bulb with a weight of 0.24 pounds, while to get 100 pounds of beets you need to grow 416 to 418 plants.

Depending on your purpose, you can grow a few or more beet plants in your garden.

How Many Beet Plants For A Family Of 4?

You need 60 to 100 beet plants for a family of 4. A single beet plant will only produce 1 beetroot which is why you need to grow a lot of plants to have enough serving for the family in the long run.

Each person needs to grow 15 to 25 plants to have a stable and consistent source of beetroots.

But growing 60 to 100 beet plants required enough spacing to grow them all.

It is a little bit hard to do when you have limited spacing in your garden.

That is why there is a chance that you can’t grow all 60 to 100 beet plants in your garden.

You need to divide the number of plants you will grow and grow those other plants in the next season.

But let’s say you have enough spacing you can absolutely grow all those 60 to 100 beet plants.

Those plants will mature closely at the same time which will give you a lot of harvests once the beets mature.

You will save money by growing beet plants instead of buying from the grocery.

When properly stored you can increase the shelf life of those beetroots you harvest from your garden.

Do You Need Two Beet Plants To Produce Beetroots?

No, you don’t need two beet plants to produce beetroots. A single beet plant can produce beet alone without the help of other plants.

The bulb will grow on the plant once it gets mature. You will see it on the ground that starts to form especially if you monitor your plants regularly.

The beetroots are growing under the ground but you can actually see the bulb because they are growing slightly above the soil.

Since the beetroots are growing slightly above the soil, you can have a hint to know when you can actually harvest your beetroots.

Should I Pick The Flowers Off My Beet Plants?

If you want to grow the beetroots bigger, you should cut the flowers off your beet plants.

When the plant starts to flower, the energy that the plant is getting will be divided into many portions.

Instead that the energy will be focused on the beetroots, now it is not because the flowers also need the energy to make them grow.

If you are focussing on getting bigger beetroots, you must cut those flowers on your plant.

But if you want to harvest a lot of seeds coming from beet plants don’t remove those flowers and let them mature.

Once the ready are fully mature, you can now harvest those seeds which can be used in the next growing season.

How Many Beetroots Per Plant Conclusion:

You can only get 1 beetroot per plant which is around 110 grams (0.25 pounds) grams, especially for medium size ones.

With good growing conditions and excellent care, you can get a lot of beetroots if you are going to increase the number of plants you will grow. One seed can grow 2 to 6 plants which are great to make a beetroot garden.

Make sure the plants are getting enough sunlight, water, and nutrients to help the beets grow well and make a good harvest.

When this plant is suitable to grow in your location the plants will grow excellently and you will get high-quality yields.