Why Are Mango Leaves Turning Brown?

why are mango leaves turning brown

The reasons why are mango leaves turning brown is because of little water, salt on soil, pests like mites, thrips, mealybugs and scales, diseases like anthracnose, verticillum wilt, powdery mildew and red rust or algae spot. Those are the possible reasons why your mango tree leaves are turning brown.

Growing mangoes is not easy. There are some problems that you will encounter while it continues to grow. When those problem happens you need to move to control and protect your tree. When the mango tree stays healthy it will grow bigger and taller and will bear bigger size fruits. If the tree maintain its good condition you can expect lots of harvest every year. More fruits will be place on the table or sell at the market. Here are some reasons why.

Why Are Mango Leaves Turning Brown?

Little water

The mango tree can live for a couple of days or weeks without water because they can retain water inside their roots, branches and bark. But too long can cause for the leaves to turn brown. There are days that no rainfall and during those time, you need to water the tree frequently. They need water to stay fresh and cool and it will reduce tree stress. If the tree is receiving enough water, having brown leaves will be prevented.

Young mango trees less than one year old needs to water regularly. Its because they are not establish yet and the water will help them to. Watering them every two to three days is fine. Give them just enough water to their size. Too much water can cause yellow leaves.

The older mango trees doesn’t need to be water frequently. They are already established and big enough. They usually gets water from the rain and its enough for them to grow and thrive well. Those trees can hold much water and that is the reason why most growers doesn’t water them on regular basis. Brown leaves is rare for mature trees and its common for younger one. If you want to water the mature trees it can be once a week or every two weeks, its totally fine. But when the drought and summer season come ,water is very important and needed.

Salt on Soil

Another reason why are mango leaves turning brown is because of salt on soil. Too much salt content on the soil can cause for mango leaves to turn brown. Its not good for the tree when there is a high level of salinity. You need to move and figure it out how to lower or remove the salt on the soil. Heavy watering can help to remove those salt but you need to be careful to prevent yellowing tree leaves.

There are times that you accidentally throw salt on that area where your tree is planted. You forget and didn’t remember that you put salt on that spot which cause for the leaves to brown. Or maybe some people throw salt on that area and they didn’t aware that it will cause a problem to your tree. You cannot remove those salts one by one using your bare hands but water can help to reduce and remove them. The tree needs a balance soil where it will grows.

The salinity level of the soil can be determine using a tool but if you don’t want to know its level you can just ignore and grow your tree. A good way before planting the tree is make sure to do a heavy watering so that in case there is a high level of salt on that spot, it will be remove by the water. Also clean and remove some of those grasses and rocks to have a good space for the roots to grow. Its not good when the roots of the tree is crowded.

Broken Branches

There are times that you see your tree having lots of brown leaves. Sometimes you didn’t aware that there is a broken branches. When a branch is broken, all leaves on that branch will be affected. It will turn to yellow and brown because its separated from the tree. It will not receive water anymore and it will not even produce foods.

There are times that a strong wind blow and break mango branches. When it happen the leaves on that branch will likely turn brown. It cannot be fix anymore and you need to remove the branch. There are times also that some branch are cut which will results to browning of leaves.

If you see lots of leaves change their color, you need to analyze your tree and see if there are broken branches. Branches is important part of the tree because it is the spot where the leaves, flower and fruits grow. You need to protect your tree to prevent unwanted branch damage. More fruits will grow on every branches of the tree and lead to a abundant yield. Its pretty to see more fruits are hanging on branches.


Pests are common for the plants. It is also a possible reason why your mango leaves are turning brown. Some pests of the mango tree are mites, thrips, scales and mealybugs. They eat the leaves, destroy branches and fruits.

When you see some leaves turn brown, you need to inspect your tree to see if there are pests roaming or living on your tree. If you see some pests you need to control them as early as possible. If pests attack the tree, some of tip of the leaves will turn brown. Or maybe all parts of the leaves.

The control for pest is usually pesticides or sometimes insecticides will work also. When those pests are remove the tree will be a little bit safe now. The other leaves will not be damage and affected. Pests make the tree stress. You need to make sure that your tree is pest free to help them live longer and also it will help to produce more flowers and fruits.

Anthracnose Disease

Anthracnose is a kind of disease that can also cause brown leaves. It is a kind of fungus where it attacks the leaves. It will create a black or brown spots on the leaves. To control this disease you need to use fungicides to get rid them. Healthy leaves will grow when there is no anthracnose on the tree.

Other diseases of mango trees are verticillium wilt, powdery mildew and red rust or algae spot. These diseases also can also be a cause why are mango leaves turning brown. It will damage the leaves slowly untill all the parts are affected. It can results for the leaves tip to turn brown or make the leaves purplish. Controlling them as early as possible will be great and it will keep the tree in a good condition. When the tree is not stress it will give you more delicious fruits. More mangoes will be place on your table every time. Its great to grow mango tree.

Those are some informations about why are mango leaves turning brown. Its important to maintain a healthy growth of the tree. Keeping them in a good status will result to a bountiful harvest.