Do Orange Trees Have Thorns?

Orange trees are beautiful to observe especially when there are many oranges on the tree. You can get many oranges from the tree and eat them.

But there are times when you harvest fruits from an orange tree, sometimes there are many thorns. It is a little bit hard to get fruits when a tree has thorns.

Thorns can scratch your skin. If you are growing an orange tree and it grows many spikes, is it normal for an orange tree to have thorns?

Do Orange Trees Have Thorns?

Yes, orange trees have thorns. It is common for most citruses like an orange tree to grow thorns.

The spikes growing on an orange tree are a part of their growth. The spikes grow on the node and some of the thorns are big and some are small.

Some of the spikes are thick and sturdy which can really cause scratches on your skin. When the tree has many spikes, it is a little bit difficult to harvest oranges.

It is better if orange trees are thornless. But the good thing is as time goes by growers find a way to make an orange tree thornless.

Most of the orange varieties that have no thorns are sweeter while orange varieties that have the most thorns taste bitter and are usually not being consumed.

An orange tree grown from seed usually grows a lot of thorns. You can buy thornless orange trees from nurseries or garden centers.

Why Does An Orange Tree Have Thorns?

An orange tree has thorns because it is part of its growth. Like other parts of the tree like leaves, roots, and branches thorns normally grow on the tree, especially for citruses.

It is common for most citruses like lemon, lime, etc. to grow thorns. The thorns are useful for the tree to protect themselves from animals.

Some animals eat leaves and fruits. And because of the thorns, the animals don’t go near the tree because it will hurt them.

When animals see those spikes they don’t try to move close to the tree.

But not all orange trees have thorns, there are some varieties that are actually thornless. The tree can have thorns or don’t have thorns depending on the variety.

What Kind Of Orange Trees Have Thorns?

Trifoliate orange is one kind of orange tree that commonly has thorns. The trifoliate orange tree produces a lot of thorns throughout the year.

The spikes can grow 2 inches long. This tree is producing fruits but it is different compared to other oranges.

The fruits of this tree are bitter and don’t taste great. Even though the fruits of this tree are edible, it’s still not so great to consume.

Commonly orange trees with bitter fruits are not being consumed. There are many orange varieties that you can grow that have a more delicious taste than this one.

Some kinds of orange trees have thorns during an early age, but once they mature the thorns disappear. While there are also orange trees that have spikes during the early stage until they mature.

Should I Cut The Thorns Off My Orange Tree?

No, you should not cut the thorns off your orange tree. The thorns are protecting the tree from animals that may eat the leaves and fruits.

Some animals go away when they are hurt by the spikes. The thorns are keeping the tree safe which is great.

But you can also remove the thorns and it will not affect the orange tree growth. When the thorns are affecting you when harvesting oranges, you can somewhat cut them off the tree.

It will be difficult to harvest oranges when there are spikes and it can cause scratches on your skin.

You can use a pruning shear or even a sharp knife to cut thorns.

Do Orange Trees With Thorns Produce Fruit?

Yes, orange trees with thorns produce fruit. One example of an orange tree with thorns is Trifoliate orange.

This tree grows thorns but it produces oranges. The orange fruits are bitter in taste.

Aside from Trifoliate oranges, there are also other oranges that have spikes but their fruits are sweet.

It is enjoyable to eat sweet oranges. That is why some people start growing an orange tree at home.

By growing an orange tree, they can get a lot of oranges in the long run. If you don’t like to grow an orange tree with many thorns, you can buy thornless orange trees from nurseries or garden centers.

Where To Buy Thornless Orange Trees?

Nowadays, there are many thornless orange trees that you can buy from nurseries, garden centers, or even online.

You can ask the people at the nurseries or garden centers about which varieties are great to grow.

You can find some great orange trees that you can grow indoors. There are many dwarf varieties that can grow well in the container.


Do Mandarin Trees Have Thorns?

Yes, Mandarin trees have thorns. The thorns are growing on the branches and the trunk. Some Mandarin trees have fewer thorns than the other trees. Despite its thorns, this tree will give you delicious fruits.

Do Navel Orange Trees Have Thorns?

Navel orange trees are somewhat thornless. This kind of orange tree produces delicious oranges. The fruits are not bitter and you will enjoy eating the oranges that you will harvest from this tree.

Do Valencia Orange Trees Have Thorns?

Yes, Valencia orange trees grow with thorns. Most citruses just like this tree grow thorns that protect them from animals. Even if some orange trees have thorns, they still bear delicious fruits.

Do Tangerine Trees Have Thorns?

Yes, tangerine trees have thorns but you can still manage to find some varieties that are thornless. If the thorns are making it hard to harvest oranges, you can prune thorns off the tree. In that way, it will not make some scratches on your skin.

Do Clementine Trees Have Thorns?

Clementine trees are a little bit thornless. Some varieties are growing many thorns but they can still bear awesome oranges.