How Long Does It Take To Grow An Orange Tree?

It is common for most trees to take years to grow before they bear fruit. You need to wait for them to mature before they give you delicious fruits that you really like.

Just like an orange tree which also takes a few years before it produces oranges. There are some ways to grow an orange tree.

Some of those ways can give you oranges faster while some ways may give you oranges much longer. You can grow an orange tree through seeds, grafting, cutting, or buying an already grown tree from nurseries or garden centers.

How Long Does It Take To Grow An Orange Tree?

An orange tree grown from seeds will take seven to 15 years to grow and produce fruits, an already grown orange tree bought from nurseries and a grafted orange tree will take 3 to 4 years to bear fruits or much earlier, and orange cuttings will take 1-3 years to fruit.

An orange tree can be grown through seeds but you need to find true-to-type seeds to make sure that the tree you grow will give you the fruits you expected, you can assure that it will bloom and bear fruits.

Growing an orange tree through seed takes time and if you are going to grow an orange tree from bought oranges from the grocery it doesn’t guarantee that it will flower and give you fruit.

Most commercial oranges are hybrid and the seeds are not true-to-type. A not true-to-type seed means that when the tree grows it may or may not give you fruits. If it bears fruits, the fruits are not the same as the parent tree.

Aside from growing an orange tree from seeds, you can also grow it through grafting. Grafting an orange tree is quite popular for gardeners who already have orange trees at home.

The grafting method is also being used in the nurseries because the tree grows well and will give you fruits faster.

If you have an old orange tree at home and you want to propagate it for you to get more oranges in the long run, you can do grafting to clone it.

A grafted orange tree grows fast and can give you fruits in about 3 to 4 years, in some cases it can bear fruits as early as 2 years.

Cutting orange stems is also one way to grow an orange tree. You need to get an orange cutting and make them root. Some people use a rooting hormone to make cutting grow roots faster.

There are also people who are successful in rooting the orange cuttings by just soaking them in the water and replacing the water regularly until the cuttings grow roots.

Citrus cuttings like orange cuttings can give you fruits between 1-3 years.

But if you are just starting and you don’t own any orange trees it is better to buy an already grown orange tree from nurseries, garden centers, or online.

You just need to take care of the tree to keep them growing. Moving an orange tree from one place to another can make them stressed and once you get it you need to care for it to grow consistently and give you oranges sooner.

You may need to wait for 3 to 4 years for a bought orange tree to bear fruits or much earlier.

How Long Does It Take For A Dwarf Orange Tree To Grow?

A dwarf orange tree needs at least 3 years to grow and produce fruits. Dwarf orange trees are quite shorter at 6 to 12 feet tall than standard orange trees at 20 to 30 feet tall.

Small orange trees can be grown indoors because they can really fit to be placed inside the house. Just make sure that they are receiving enough light to make them thrive better.

Standard and dwarf orange trees have a close similar length of time before they produce fruits. But still, an orange tree grown via seeds will take much longer to fruit.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Navel Orange?

A navel orange tree can bear small fruits as early as 2 years and it will produce a lot of fruits when they are already 4 years old. The navel orange is one of the orange varieties that produce delicious oranges.

Many people try to grow this tree because of many factors they like about navel oranges. You can choose whether standard or dwarf trees you will grow.

When the navel orange trees are getting enough water, sunlight, and nutrients they will bear a lot of orange fruits. You can first buy a tree from nurseries then you can do propagation once the tree becomes more mature.

In that way, you can grow many navel orange trees without buying a new one. Grafted orange trees are best because they are more pests and disease resistant.

When your orange tree is healthy you can harvest many oranges from the tree.


Do Orange Trees Grow Fast?

Yes, the orange tree is one of the fruit trees that grow fast. The tree matures quickly and it takes 3 to 4 years to give you fruits. Within 10 to 15 years they will achieve their maximum growth but during that time they may also bear lesser fruits.

How Fast Do Orange Trees Grow?

A dwarf orange tree that grows 6 to 12 feet has approximately 0.4-0.6 feet to 0.8-1.2 feet growth rate per year. The orange tree will grow to the max height in 10 to 15 years. But there are also other factors that may affect the tree to grow faster or slower.

When Do Orange Trees Bear Fruit?

An orange tree bought from the nursery can bear fruits within three to four years. The tree is a little bit established and they are already capable of growing fruits at that age. The orange tree is one of the fastest fruit trees you can grow and gives you fruits more quickly than other fruit kinds.