How Often To Water An Orange Tree?

A citrus tree like an orange tree has requirements in order for them to grow. When they get their needs regularly they will grow fast and can give you a lot of fruits very soon.

The tree needs sunlight, nutrients, and water. When it comes to watering, how much and how often you must give water to your orange tree?

How Much Water Does An Orange Tree Need?

An orange tree needs at least 1.5 inch of water per week. Water is essential for the growth of the tree and without it, they will grow poor.

Young orange trees need less amount of water but they must be watered more often. Young trees are still developing and water will help to make them more established.

The roots will grow longer and spread a bit which makes the tree stronger. You can water the young orange trees every few days especially when the soil dries up.

Mature orange trees can handle and keep water for a bit longer. They need to be watered more but less often.

You can water mature orange trees once or twice a month. But when the weather becomes hot, especially during summer you can water your orange trees more often.

Just be careful to not over water your tree to keep them growing. When the tree is hydrated the leaves are glowing well and you will not see many stunted leaves.

Watering Potted Orange Tree

Watering a potted orange tree is a bit different compared to a planted-ground orange tree. The soil in the container dries fast compared to the ground soil.

This means that potted orange trees need more water and must be watered more often. There are many air sockets in the potting soil which makes the soil dries quickly.

During summer, the tree needs water more often. When the pot/container has good drainage you will not have a problem watering the tree.

Overwatering can be prevented if your containers have good drainage. The water can pass up to the very bottom of the container.

Because of that, you can prevent root rot on your orange tree. If you place your tree outside and it gets rainfall it will be good.

But you must move your tree when heavy rains come to protect your tree from getting overwatered.

Watering Orange Tree In Summer

During summer the weather becomes hot and the soil will likely dry fast. During this time the orange tree needs to be watered more often.

When you water your orange tree in the morning, likely the soil will be drier in the afternoon.

You need to give the tree more water but don’t overwater it. Mature orange trees can live in the summer even if they don’t receive much water.

The reason is mature trees can handle and keep more water compared to young trees. But still giving water to your tree even if they are already mature can keep them in good condition.

Enough water can also increase the production of flowers and fruits.

How Do I Know If My Orange Tree Needs Water?

There are many angles to look for, especially knowing the right time to water your orange tree. One of the first angles is to observe the soil moisture.

If the soil is completely dry you need to water your orange tree. Too dry soil is not good because it can affect the overall growth of the tree.

Don’t let the soil be too dry and that sign will give you a hint on when to water your tree. But you still need to check the soil by pressing your finger or a screwdriver in the soil to check soil moisture.

The second angle is when rainfall is not available. Rainfall is a good water source for your tree.

When rainfall is available you don’t need to water your orange tree. Rain will be enough and adding additional water can make the tree to be overwatered.

The third angle will be based on their age and size. Young citrus trees need less water but need water more often.

Young orange trees cannot handle too much water while mature orange trees can get more water.

Mature trees can be watered less frequently like just once or twice a month.

Can Orange Trees Get Too Much Water?

No, you cannot overwater orange trees. Too much water can cause some problems with the tree. 

Overwatering can cause root rot. When the soil is too soggy, it can make the roots rot which brings the tree in not good condition.

If the tree roots are damaged, they cannot transport water and nutrients to all parts of the tree. Overwatering can happen if you water the orange tree too much.

When your orange tree is already flowering or fruiting, too much water can also cause tree stress which leads to a decrease in its production.

Another thing is too much water can cause leaves to turn yellow, drop, or even curl. But this problem with the leaves can be prevented.

You need to be careful in watering your tree to prevent this from happening. You can use a garden hose or watering can to water your tree.

Also, when rainfall is abundant you don’t need to water your tree during that time. Rainfall will be enough to supply water to the tree which makes them grow.

Good waterways will also help to avoid floods. Floods can happen when heavy rains come. When your orange tree is placed in a flood for a long time, it can cause root damage.

Overall overwatering is not good for orange trees.

What To Do When You Overwatered An Orange Tree?

You must stop watering an overwatered orange tree. The orange tree might recover within a week or two.

You just need to wait for the tree to recover and avoid applying fertilizer during that time.

Some effects of overwatering on an orange tree are yellowing leaves, curling leaves, the flowers and fruits dropping, etc.

By giving just the right amount of water to the tree you can keep them thriving and in a good shape.